connectCAD 2018 Released for Vectorworks

connectCAD 2018 Released for Vectorworks

STOCKPORT, UK, Mar 21, 2018 – connectCAD is pleased to announce the release of connectCAD 2018, its add-on for Vectorworks software. connectCAD is the most popular audiovisual system design plug-in for Vectorworks, assisting designers all the way through projects from concept drawings to schematics, cable lists and even bill of materials and impressive presentations. connectCAD is also used to design various connected systems like broadcast, IT, electrical and more.

connectCAD makes audiovisual system design fast and easy, and saves designers thousands of clicks. We have a user-centered approach and every new version includes upgrades based on designers’ wishes, so that it fits the changing needs of real world projects.

connectCAD 2018 has a faster, more optimized engine, offering an overall speedup in large drawings. The new, revolutionary Connect Tool follows all standard Vectorworks keyboard shortcuts and offers 5 connection styles: polyline, rounded, chamfered, arrow connection across layers and link connection which lets you connect to a socket in another document.

Enjoy the new Heads Up Display and save yourself having to zoom in and out just to find your way. The Heads Up Display follows the cursor and shows the connection you are building from the source to the destination.

connectCAD 2018 has made great improvements in the Make Cable Report which now offers new options for calculating cable lengths. Length estimates can be calculated from the equipment layout, but you can also select standard lengths of cables easily – a better fit for the real world particularly from hire companies.

Our groundbreaking community Device Library now comes with a peer rating system so you can easily see which devices are defined more correctly and insert them in your project with a couple of clicks!

connectCAD cuts design-time by half, as quoted by prominent audiovisual designers around the world. Plus, it is highly customizable so that it best serves every designer for every project.

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