Concepts NREC Releases Bypass Fan Design for Automotive Turbocharger

Concepts NREC Releases Bypass Fan Design for Automotive Turbocharger
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WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, VT, USA, Apr 5, 2019 - Concepts NREC, the world’s leading turbomachinery software, design, development, testing and manufacturing company is proud to announce that it has just released a revolutionary new turbocharging technology that boosts fuel efficiency. Named the Bypass Fan Design, or BFD, it was inspired by technology found in almost every aircraft engine.




“This is really a big deal, and the possibilities are nearly endless”, says Noah Lott, Concepts NREC’s chief engineer. “It was a long process getting it right. We almost lost a few engineers on the test bench, but they quickly learned not to stand by the inlet or in the exhaust path. Our BFD can be used in a variety of applications, for both traditional combustion engines and newer, hybrid and electric cars.

The BFD’s revolutionary design eliminates the need for a large front grill which cause huge drag losses, decreasing fuel efficiency. The BFD enables car fronts to be much smoother and more aerodynamic. It draws high-velocity air through a much smaller opening, reminiscent of muscle car “hood scoops” or Tim Burton’s version of the batmobile. This air is then re-directed to the hot components of the engine and or radiators. This cooling effect enables the radiator to be much smaller, further improving fuel efficiency by reducing weight. Electric and hybrid cars can channel the airflow over the batteries to keep them cool for maximum operating efficiency.

“This new technology also opens a whole new way to think about automotive propulsion”, commented Adam Meway, Program Manager for the BFD project. “The bypass greatly augments the forward thrust on the vehicle. The low temperature of the fan air also combines with the high-temperature exhaust, releasing much cooler air into the atmosphere, helping with global warming. While hard-core car enthusiasts might have a problem trading in the deep throaty rumble of a V-8 engine for the whine of a turbo fan, the benefits of this technology far outweigh the negatives.”

“We are just scratching the surface of what we can achieve with this new technology,” points out Shirley Knott, Corporate Council. “We have filed for several patents, as this technology will truly revolutionize the automotive industry!”

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