Compal Electronics Adopts Ansys Automated Simulation, Analysis Solutions for 5G-enabled Laptops Development

Compal Electronics Adopts Ansys Automated Simulation, Analysis Solutions for 5G-enabled Laptops Development
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PITTSBURGH, PA, USA, Sep 30, 2020 – Compal Electronics is using Ansys (NASDAQ: ANSS) to automate simulation data processing to accelerate research and development (R&D) cycles for its 5G laptops. Eliminating the gap between simulation and data analysis through automation, Compal and Ansys are minimizing reporting time required for critical certifications to swiftly bring 5G laptops to consumers.


compal-800Simulation localized power density at 28GHz by Ansys HFSS


As 5G continues to roll out globally, Compal, an original design manufacturer, is bringing 5G millimeter wave antenna modules to its computer products. Before the products are available for consumers, manufacturers must provide labor-intensive analysis reports that meet stringent international compliance requirements. These reports often take weeks to complete manually due to the volume and complexity of the data involved. Compal is using Ansys to expedite this process — adopting its automated simulation and analysis process to access, analyze and understand information required for reporting in mere days, such as electromagnetic field distributions.

Ansys empowered Compal to obtain a first-of-its-kind certification from the Federal Communications Commission for its 5G millimeter-wave laptop this year. The certification enables clients of Compal to market and sell its laptop in the U.S. and bolsters Compal’s position as a leader in the 5G sector.

“Working with novel technology, such as 5G, presents new engineering challenges,” said Andy Lee, senior vice president of PC R&D and Jerry Pan, head of R&D and engineering at Compal Electronics in a joint statement. “It also presents new opportunities to refine processes. Our collaboration with Ansys enables our engineers to dedicate their time to bringing the best possible 5G laptop to consumers faster than our peers.”

Compal also leverages Ansys’ flagship HFSS 3D electromagnetic simulation software to design and simulate 5G antennas within a device, where package interactions can change the radiated emissions. This allows Compal engineers to conduct extensive multiphysics analysis for pre-compliance testing, leading to reduced product testing time and faster validations and certifications.

“Access to the most advanced solutions is imperative for shortening the R&D process and time-to-market,” said Shane Emswiler, senior vice president and general manager at Ansys. “From developing 5G antennas to expediting regulatory compliance to reducing data processing time, Ansys simulation solutions are critical to ushering in the 5G era.”

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