CNC to Present at Expo Manufactura, Localizes Mastercam 2018 for Spain

CNC to Present at Expo Manufactura, Localizes Mastercam 2018 for Spain
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MONTERREY, Mexico, Nov 9, 2017 – CNC Software, Inc., will be highlighting Mastercam 2018, the most powerful machining version yet, at the Expo Manufactura 2018 show being held at Cintermex in Monterrey, Mexico, February 6-8, 2018. Supported by Mastercam Resellers Cad Avshmeip, S.A. and CIM Concept, S.A. de C.V., attendees can stop by Booth #724 to experience the latest in the industry-leading Mastercam 2018 which offers new 2D/3D and multiaxis Milling features, powerful turning and Mill-Turn enhancements, Design and solid modelling improvements, and so much more.




Mastercam 2018 Available in Spanish

Mastercam 2018 now includes a fully translated version for Spanish-speaking users. Now native Spanish-speaking Mastercam users can unlock the power of Mastercam 2018 using an easier to understand interface.

Milling Advances

Stock awareness has been added to select 2D toolpaths which acknowledges the stock and controls the tool motion to avoid any collision with remaining stock. This provides a safer and more optimized tool motion. Finish passes are optimize based on your remaining stock, giving you more efficient and safer tool motion. The workflow for all 3D High Speed toolpaths has been streamlined and gives you fine control over exactly where to cut. High speed Hybrid toolpaths now offer smoothing controls and deliver a finer finish, requiring less secondary finish work.

Expanded Turning and Mill-Turn capabilities

If you work with stringy materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, Mastercam’s new Chip Break control prevents problems by allowing you to set length and time conditions, retract, and dwell options. Mill-Turn machine definitions now contain tailstock and quill components, tailored to your machine. Exclusive to Mastercam, a new set of turning strategies automate toolpath generation and support for Sandvik Coromant CoroTurn® Prime inserts and PrimeTurning™ method. PrimeTurning provides superior metal removal rate, productivity gains of over 50%, and increased tool life in a variety of materials.

New CAD Tools for the Shop Floor

Once again, we have increased the functionality and productivity of our CAD capabilities, keeping our philosophy of “CAD for CAM” and the needs of CNC Programmers in mind. While our customers create CAD models inside of Mastercam, we recognize they also import models from every CAD system on the market, so we maintain a robust set of up-to-date translators in every release. Increasing capabilities in every aspect of the CAD functionality from Model Analyzation and Wireframe editing and creation, to better dimensioning and more powerful Solids tools. makes the process of preparing models for machining easier and quicker.

Also available in the Mastercam 2018 release is:

  1. My Mastercam gives you access to your profile, Mastercam’s social media outlets, your Reseller information, the Mastercam Forum, and Knowledge Base.
  2. Streamlined workflow with improved plane management, level and geometry control, toolpath analysis and more.
  3. Model Prep and Solid Model enhancements such as Multiple Undo/Redo. Improved Solid Sweep function has more options and controls than ever.
  4. A major emphasis has been done to improve the User experience which results in an easier more efficient interface.
  5. Multiaxis toolpaths enhancements that improve machine motion and enhance productivity.
  6. And many other productivity improvements across the entire product.

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