CIMdata Publishes ‘Digital Twins’ eBook

CIMdata Publishes ‘Digital Twins’ eBook
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ANN ARBOR, MI, USA, Mar 19, 2018 – CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM strategic management consulting and research firm, announces the publication of an eBook titled “Digital Twins,” how they are changing the way we engineer, validate, market, and operate our products. The physics-based Digital Twin plays a key role in the business transformations needed to meet the increased complexity of cyber-physical products and their IoT-enabled operating environments, which demands thinking beyond traditional stage-gate oriented engineering approaches.

Being competitive in the modern fast-paced business environment means applying the latest principles in organization, process, and technology to the business-essentially, moving to higher maturity levels than the competition. Market segment leaders are already striving to achieve the highest level of sustainable innovation for their businesses. In a Digital Twin strategy this means enabling a holistic “Cognitive Digital Twin” approach.

This eBook explains how the Digital Twin can address current business challenges and meet market trends in engineering. This is a first step in defining the holistic picture of the Digital Twin and position it in the product lifecycle as well as its relationship to platforms and the digital thread. According to Mr. Frank Popielas, CIMdata Executive Consultant and Managing Partner & Co-Founder of SMS_ThinkTank: “This eBook highlights the complexity of the Digital Twin. It is a first step to holistically explain the Digital Twin as well as aspects of the related ecosystem, and how leading software providers, like Mevea with its simulation solutions, approach the Digital Twin utilizing examples from the industrial equipment industry.”

Mevea of Finland, with its end-to-end solution, is helping leading industrial equipment companies to realize first mover benefits of implementing the Digital Twin approach. Mevea’s technical capabilities enable companies to start the journey in achieving increased competitiveness for the overall business by rapidly reaching higher levels of digitalization maturity. Mr. Popielas, stated: “Mevea is a thought leader within the engineering simulation industry. They are well poised to partner with leading OEMs and suppliers to deliver highly accurate and robust Digital Twin solutions.”

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