CIMdata Launches Website for Aerospace & Defense PLM Action Group

CIMdata Launches Website for Aerospace & Defense PLM Action Group
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ANN ARBOR, MI, USA, Nov 30, 2017 – CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM strategic management consulting and research firm, announces the creation of a new website to promote the work being undertaken by the Aerospace & Defense PLM Action Group.

The Aerospace & Defense PLM Action Group (A&D PAG) is an association of aerospace & defense companies that functions as an advocacy group to sponsor research and set the direction for the industry on PLM-related topics such as; obsolescence management, product lifecycle integration, and global collaboration. Since its founding in February 2014, by four leading airframe OEMs, the group’s membership has expanded to 10, including several leading aircraft engine providers. As an outcome of the group’s sponsored research and jointly staffed projects, the members have determined to communicate and promote within the PLM industrial user community the perspectives, objectives, and requirements documented in their direction statements and position papers.

James Roche, CIMdata’s Director for Aerospace & Defense stated, “After three years of progress the A&D PAG members thought it was time to share their work in the public domain. This move is aligned with the group’s mission to promote consensus within the industry on PLM-related topics.”

The new website offers visitors information about the members of the A&D PAG, the work they are undertaking, and includes access to direction statements, position papers, and other publications produced by the group.

For more information and to download documents of interest to the Aerospace & Defense industry visit the site at

About Aerospace & Defense PLM Action Group

The Aerospace & Defense PLM Action Group is an association of aerospace OEMs and aircraft engine providers, within CIMdata’s globally recognized PLM Community Program, which functions as a PLM advocacy group to:

  1. Set the direction for the aerospace & defense industry on PLM-related topics that matter to members (including promoting, not duplicating, the work of standards bodies)
  2. Define requirements for common interest PLM-related capabilities
  3. Communicate with a unified voice to PLM solution providers
  4. Promote common industry PLM processes and practices
  5. Sponsor collaborative PLM research on prioritized industry and technology topics

CIMdata administers group operations, coordinates research, and manages the progression of policy formulation.

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