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CGTrader Launches CG 3D SPACE Challenge

CGTrader Launches CG 3D SPACE Challenge
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VICTORIA, BC, Canada, Nov 2, 2017 – CGTrader.com announces the launch of CG (High & Low Poly) 3D Challenge. The theme is SPACE. CG Artists are invited to create and upload their models and stand to win $7,000 in prizes! Deadline of the challenge is December 10, 2017, 23:59 GMT.


cgtrader(Click to see)

Cebas Visual Technology would like to specially invite our community of CG Artists to try downloading the new finalRender trial copy at http://www.cebas.com/finalRender - you just need to register a free account – and create a-way!  The Winner who renders with cebas new finalRender stands to win TWO prizes: finalRender and finalToon.

No pressure, if you don’t wish to try out the many excellent new and powerful features of our top of the line finalRender trueHybrid, you still stand the chance of winning finalToon for line styles, procedural hatching; NPR and wrapper material, and many other creativity render features.

Think about it, Space, the next frontier and all that comes to mind:  spaceships, robots, environment, characters, computing, creatures, vehicles – you will love it. So, don’t hesitate, take the Challenge !

Need some helpful how-to tips on the powerful GPU+CPU finalRender, get to Justin Grant’s (renderspaz.com) latest double tutorials, and Edwin Braun’s latest FR Live recording all on http://www.youtube.com/cebasVT !

For more information on the CGTrader Challenge, message to Facebook/CGTrader

FR and FT questions, you know where to find us – message facebook/rendersoftware

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