cebas Supports Female-friendly 3D Challenge on

cebas Supports Female-friendly 3D Challenge on

VICTORIA, BC, Canada, Feb 20, 2018 - cebas Visual Technology is happy to be a part of the CGTrader 3D Challenge – Female Characters , just announced. We are inviting all CG and 3D artists to participate and try their hand at winning the many awesome prizes, finalRender inclusive.




The Mission of this Challenge according to CGTrader, and supported by cebas, is the need to encourage greater awareness amongst artists circles to create more female-friendly characters for the industry : VR, 3D models for games, films, commercials. And to encourage more female artists joining this line of work. What is happening today shows an over-sexualization of the majority of female 3D models available today, as reported in several news resources, including

Submit your female model to CGTrader on the corresponding category:

  1. Realistic character (regular women, historical figures, girls, etc., representing various professions, including everyday people)
  2. Imaginary character (sci-fi, cartoon, fantasy, stylized, etc.)

Submissions deemed to be adult content are not eligible to participate in the contest.

For more information, visit

Win a finalRender (finalToon included), and many more software prizes.

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