ZW3D 2020: Updated Electrode Module
0 comments, 20/08/2020, by in ZW3D

Video: The Electrode module of ZW3D 2020 has also been updated, making the EDM design a much easier job. For example, you can create multiple Electrode Blanks in Batches, use Dynamic Circle to help you quickly judge whether to insert an electrode at a specific location, generate a Bill of Electrodes... Read more...

ZW3D 2020: Turning Improvements
0 comments, 20/08/2020, by in ZW3D

Video: In ZW3D 2020, turning operations have been greatly improved. Groove Round tool is supported for roughing and finishing. You can also preview modifications of turning tools. Shaped-end face turning is supported. Moreover, customization of cutting depth for part-off operation is supported now.... Read more...

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