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Pointwise Launches Survey on Mesh Types and Sizes Used for CFD
0 comments, 02/01/2020, by in CAE, CFD, News

FORT WORTH, TX, USA, Jan 2, 2020 - Pointwise has launched a survey of the CFD market to assess the relative popularity of mesh types and sizes with a goal of assessing where the industry is headed in terms of flow solver and meshing technology. “I remember in the 1980s that CFD meshes were virt... Read more...

ENGYS Releases HELYX v3.2.0 for CFD
0 comments, 05/11/2019, by in CAE, CFD, News

LONDON, UK, Nov 5, 2019 - ENGYS is delighted to announce the release v3.2.0 of HELYX, a general-purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software solution for engineering design and optimisation based on ENGYS' own open-source simulation engine (HELYX-Core). The new release also includes updates ... Read more...

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