CAMplete Unveils TruePath 2018 for 5-Axis Machining, Simulation

CAMplete Unveils TruePath 2018 for 5-Axis Machining, Simulation
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KITCHENER, ON, Canada, Sep 1, 2017 – CAMplete Solutions announces the upcoming release of TruePath 2018, an integrated suite of post processing, verification and optimization tools dedicated to 5-axis machining centres. The official release of CAMplete TruePath coincides with EMO Hannover 2017. EMO is taking place in Germany September 18th-September 23rd.


TruePath 2018


CAMplete TruePath is a fully integrated, easy-to-use suite of tools designed to take you from your CAM system to your 5-axis machine, quickly and safely. With its integrated and fully customizable post-processor, CAMplete TruePath allows you to output your NC programs the way you want to. 5-axis simulation, visualisation and verification tools give you the confidence of knowing how your machine will behave before you run a single line of G-code.

What’s New in TruePath 2018?

TruePath 2018 includes a redesigned user interface and a long list of new features that make the software more effective. The redesigned user interface makes navigating common tasks easier, quicker to perform and the software itself more intuitive to learn. Other improvements include:

New NC Format Engine:

The NC Format (posting) engine has been redesigned for vastly improved customization with nested macro inserts. Customized post variables can be used with proper text descriptions and help text.

Improved Kinematic Options:

Provide complete control over the C-axis posting for 3-axis paths.  Automatically select the tilt direction to minimize or maximize the XYZ locations of a 3+2- axis path.

Windows File System Integration:

CAMplete TruePath CS4 files will show a preview of their contents inside both TruePath and in Windows file explorer.

Improved Program Editor:

Improved the Program Editor to work vertically to maximum the use of screen space.  Improved the reporting of command lines that contain errors.  Show the current simulation location in the editor for easier navigation.

Error Analysis Navigator:

Quickly examine each program and see its simulation status.  Immediately navigate to any error locations in the program.

Geometry Management View:

Part, Fixture and Stock geometry are now handled through the Pallet View so that the 3D view remains interactive during geometry manipulation.

About CAMplete

For almost 20 years CAMplete Solutions has been specializing in the development of advanced NC post-processing and verification solutions dedicated to 5 axis and multi-tasking technology, for manufacturers in major industries around the world. CAMplete customers benefit from dramatic improvements to CNC machine optimization, NC programmer productivity and manufacturing process efficiency. For more information on CAMplete’s unique technology and services, visit or contact us at +1 519-725-2557.

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