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With lot of development in Industrial sector and mainly in
automotive, energy and aerospace you can find almost all big brand vehicles being
manufactured in India now. It’s good to see lot of events, seminars, conferences
on CAD software launch are organized in all major cities in India to promote
new versions and technologies.

created on: 12/11/10

Recently, Siemens PLM organized launch of Solid Edge ST3 in Pune, India.  It was nice to see good response that the new
Synchronous Technology Three is getting. You can read overview on success of
event conducted in Pune on my previous blog post. Today, I want to share few
facts that I noticed during seminar and when speaking to few delegates during
tea breaks.

I was sitting next to two senior delegates, having age around
50 years. I think they must be either senior managers or directors of some
company. Their profile is not important here; important is subject of
discussion between them. I came to know that they are users of CAD packages
since last 10 years, have worked on 2D CAD software in past and also have
experience using  history based Solid
Edge software, which they purchased before launch of ST1. They like the
features of ST3 and seem to be going for it in coming days. But, they were
worried about the availability of trained manpower to make better use of
Synchronous features to improve productivity.

Sometime it is true that one can handle and drive 150cc bike
at good speed and comfort then using 600cc bike with unnecessary power and
speed if user doesn’t have knowledge about controls and enough practice to
drive it. It is not that SE ST1 and ST2 professionals are not available in
India. But, after launch of Synchronous Technology mostly the big companies,
OEM’s opted to go for new version. The small vendors and industries are still
with parametric or history based tools. So getting a experienced professional
is difficult task for small industries, no experienced professional will opt to
move from big companies to small vendors.

As you know that SE ST3 has integrated order (history) and
synchronous technologies combined, CAD managers are worried that if they give
SE ST3 in hands of their existing designers, those having expertise in using ‘parametric tools’ they would naturally follow
parametric method to design rather than using Synchronous Technology advantage
– 600cc!!!

In 2008, Siemens PLM launched an Authorized Training Partner
program in India.
The program
intends to expand the resource pool of skilled professionals available in the
marketplace through the extended training ecosystem. Siemens PLM is aware that
customers need both the technology and the talent needed to implement robust
PLM, CAD solutions to enhance innovation. But today, when you search for
Siemens PLM, or Solid Edge training in India you will find very few good
private institute going for the courses and most authorized training institutes
are closed. I think Siemens must take initiative to restart training program on
large scale. Learning CAD software is still not a great deal but having more dedicated
training institutes in ‘PLM’ space is prime requirement. Adding more training
partners to bring more skilled resources to the market will help companies more
easily and effectively expand their use of PLM.

Last month ‘Autodesk joined hands with AICTE to provide free software to over 10,000 engineering and
architectural institutes in India. I think it is good move which would help
engineering students to get hands on experience on CAD packages and find better
job just after passing final year. Also, such move from Autodesk to provide
free students licenses would help to lower piracy. Investment today on students
would definitely expand CAD business in India in future.


Today, Pro/E courses are
offered in almost all institutes throughout India, but condition might change
after launch of ‘Creo’ so, better if PTC starts working on learning/teaching
strategies now.


Siemens PLM India has its
special training cell conducting training courses for every Siemens PLM
product, but many professionals and students looking for the courses are not
aware about it. Also, you can see most courses schedule are not updated they
still show Solid Edge Version 19.0 Training and nothing mentioned about
Synchronous Technology.


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Learning CAD online is still
not much popular in design professionals and students, many reasons for that
like no local websites/companies providing learning solutions have to pay fees
in dollars which is around two – five times more compared to the fees charged
by institutes teaching in classroom mode. Non availability of personal CAD
packages to practice at home and lack of good broadband service in some areas.


I think CAD vendors must seriously
take initiative to generate trained manpower required to fulfill their
customers demand. Must support private CAD Institutes and engineering colleges
to start certified courses and guide students to better career options.


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