CAD Reader-DWG/DXF Viewer

CAD Reader-DWG/DXF Viewer
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With CAD Reader-DWG/DXF Viewer-DWG/DXF Viewer on your phone or tablet, you can view and mark CAD drawings anytime, anywhere. You can deal with your job on the move and also communicate with your partners at any moment to view your CAD drawings. CAD Reader-DWG/DXF Viewer offers many powerful features and capabilities for free. Professionals from different industries will find it’s quite helpful to use CAD Reader-DWG/DXF Viewer in their work to read CAD drawings, such as architecture, engineering, construction, mechanical, electrical and plumbing and others who need to read CAD drawings.


1. View dwg and dxf CAD drawings include multiple layouts, switch layout freely and momentarily.

2. Add and edit text comments directly.

3. Measure accurately.

4. The coordinates of the point can be read and noted on the CAD drawings as surveyors need.

5. Use Find Text function to search text.

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