C3D Labs Upgrades Software Development Toolkit for 2016

C3D Labs Upgrades Software Development Toolkit for 2016
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Brand-new C3D Vision Added to Modeler-Solver-Converter 2016

Moscow, Russia: April 5, 2016 — C3D Labs announced today that it has updated its portfolio of components for engineering software development. In version 2016, a brand-new C3D Visualization module joins the C3D Geometric kernel, C3D Parametric kernel, and C3D Conversion module. Also new is the ability of customers to license each module separately, or as a complete C3D Toolkit. This unbundling gives software developers the freedom to choose the most suitable combination of tools for their projects.

C3D Modeler 2016 increases the performance of the modeler, with tests showing a significant acceleration of calculations on 3D models. In addition, the modeler is updated with the following features:

  • Triangulation of triangular and flat rectangular faces, approximations of spheres by icosahedrons, and the elimination of crowding at the intersections of cylinders and ellipses


  • Construct shell rings by segmenting sections pulled on an arc and another arc, segment, or point


  • Stamping operations expanded from plane-bottomed structures to spherical stamping


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