BricsCAD, CADPower & GeoTools posts: The Rakesh Rao Blog now has 705 posts

BricsCAD, CADPower & GeoTools posts: The Rakesh Rao Blog now has 705 posts

 Bengaluru, India


I started my CAD blog 9 years back and am happy to announce that we now have posted 705 posts covering GeoTools, CADPower and BricsCAD and a bunch of other topics as well.

A significant portion of our industry interaction and lead generation happens through our blog which serves as a one-stop entry point for users to find out what we are doing and get in touch with us for more information.

In the past several years, we have brought to the design industry CAD-BIM platforms like BricsCAD and productivity add-ons like GeoTools and CADPower that delivers that significant edge users need in today’s competitive world. The edge we deliver is both in terms of cost, licensing terms and software tools for daily productivity.

Here are curated links to each and every post that has been written since April 2009:

Bricsys India Distributor DesignSense Brings CADProfi Products to India

 GeoTools V 18.19 Steps Up The Ante Again: Adds Contour Generation And 3D Section Offsetting Tools

BricsCAD Gets a Brand New Lisp IDE in V 18.2 Update, Delivers a Clutch of New UX Features

GeoTools-CADPower Price Revision: 5% Only

Convert PDF to a BricsCAD or AutoCAD Drawing: Mainatain Visual Integrity

When NVIDIA Desktop Manager Brought BricsCAD to its Knees

Spatial Manager: The Best Spatial-GIS for your BricsCAD, and also AutoCAD

The Complete List of BricsCAD Shape Videos – English

Inside Bricsys: Designing BricsCAD Shape

GeoTools-CADPower V 18.16 & 18.18 Updates: More Geological, More General Tools

Guest Post by Don Strimbu: BricsCAD V18 OS X is available today!

Why Does BricsCAD Refuse to Start on Some Computers?

Five reasons to start Shaping: And Why The Comparison WIth Trimble Sketchup is a Misplaced View

Deciphering BricsCAD Shape: A 3D Modeler: A Dwg Viewer: An Editor too!!

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: And How It Screws up Toolbar Move in BricsCAD

The BricsCAD Troika of Downloads: BricsCAD Core, Communicator and the Shape

Bricsys India Invites you for BricsCAD V18 Training in DesignSense, Bengaluru

Bricsys India Invites you for BricsCAD V18 Training in DesignSense, Bengaluru

Clean and Clipped Views in BricsCAD V18: Section Planes, Dynamic View Transitions & More

Stereonet Rose Diagrams, Strike-Dip Symbols and More: GeoTools V 18.16 Update

BricsCAD V18 Now is An All-InOne ‘Thali’ of CAD Solutions: Steps into 2018 With a Promise

The Product Brochure: BricsCAD V18 for 3d Modeling, Sheet Metal, BIM and 2d: The All-In-One .dwg platform

BricsCAD for AutoCAD Users: new eBook PDF Updated for V18

BricsCAD for AutoCAD Users: new eBook PDF Updated for V18

Ralph Grabowski & Dmitry Ushakov: The State of MCAD: BricsCAD Platinum V18

Spatial Manager 4.1 Update, Now compatible with BricsCAD V18

CADPower-GeoTools V 18.13: 6 New Improvements: And is BricsCAD V18 Compatible

Spatial manager 4.0 with AutoCAD, BricsCAD & ZWCAD: An AutoCAD Map Alternative

Relive the Bricsys Conference: Complete Video Coverage

Bricsys Conference 2017: The Path to BIM in V18

Bricsys Conference: The 3D MCAD and Sheet Metal Presentation

Bricsys Conference 2017: New V18 features by Hans De Backer

Bricsys Conference 2017: Erik de Keyser’s Keynote

Bricsys International Conference 2017 Starts Today

BIC 2017 Sales Partner Session: Erik, Mark & Sander address the Bricsys partners

Team Bricsys India in Paris Today

Bricsys International Conference 2017: 10 Days to Go! Offical India Partner for Bricsys Conference 2017 @ Paris

DesignSense is Recruiting: Want to be Part of Bricsys India?

Bricsys India Promotion: Pre-V18 Release Offer (9 days only)

The Bricsys Annual Conference 2017 @ Paris: Two Weeks to Go!!

FREEWARE-By-CADPower : New Home for the A2B Transition Tools

GeoTools-CADPower Embraces the Triumvurate of OSes: Now on Linux, Mac & Windows

SG Corporates Delivers the ‘Pure Taste of Happiness’ as Gold Sponsor of Sishu Griha MUN 2017

GeoTools-CADPower V 18.06, 18.07, 18.08, 18.09, 18.10 Update

Rösberg Engineering Drops AutoCAD Support: Becomes a BricsCAD-only Software

Bloated .dwg Files & Corrupted Databases: How to Deal with Excess Baggage and Unwanted Weight!

CADPower FREEWARE Collection Update: More Transition Tools Added to the Repertoire

From Jal Jeera to Fizz Jeera: A New Beverage Captures Young Minds at SGMUN 2017

Sishu Griha MUN 2017: Young Diplomats Speak out their ‘MUN’ ki Baat

The PONCEA TEQUIP Event: Pondicherry Learns How BricsCAD & Ayoga Brings New Tools for the Construction Industry

Pondicherry Civil Engineers Association Invites you for a BricsCAD and Ayoga Presentation: RAP Technologies-DesignSense Event

RAP Technologies Reaches out to Sri Aravindar Engineering College, Pondicherry

Bricsys India @ RAP Technologies: A letter of Appreciation from Sri Aravindhar College of Engineering

RAP Technologies @ Bricsys India: BricsCAD Presentation at Annai Velankanni Polytechnic College

The Roar of the RERA is here, Builders Don’t Shiver, AYOGA will Hand-hold you

RAP Technologies Makes BricsCAD Presentation at Motilal Nehru Polytechnic, Puducherry

GeoTools-CADPower Updates V 18.03, 18.04 & 18.05

AYOGA: Real Estate Companies get RERA Ready in India, Enabled by the Cloud

Guest Post by Don Strimbu: Choosing BricsCAD hardware for best Performance

BricsCAD for non-Windows OSes: Where does it stand today?

Bricsys India (DesignSense) + RAP Technologies BricsCAD+GeoTools+CADPower Presentation

Institution of Engineers-Perak Chapter: Bricsys India joins Malaysia Partner in an Online presentation

Bricsys Announces 2017 User Conference: It is Paris This Time

GeoTools-CADPower V 18.02 & 18.03 Updates: Many Improvements, More in the Pipe-line

The Big Bricsys Interview – Parts 1 to 11

Bricsys Sounds the Mid-Year Bugle Call: Insights from the Press-Only Event @ HQ, Gent, Belgium

Smart CAD Software Now uses AI, Predictive Behavior and Machine learnings to offer better UX

GeoTools-CADPower V18 is Shipping Now! (V 18.01 update)

Intergraph GT STRUDL® Analsyis & Design, Now on BricsCAD

Intergraph® CADWorx® Plant 2017 R1 now runs on the AutoCAD® and BricsCAD® platforms

The Mid-Term Release BricsCAD V 17.2 Ships barely 3 weeks after AutoCAD 2018 release

The Dimensional Stone Catalog Browser: From Ivan Cotman

PR: Pacific India chooses Cloud based Collaboration software, Ayoga for their enterprise

GeoTools-CADPower V 17.22 Update (Assign Inherited properties, Length-Area Annotations)

BricsCAD Symposium @ Achariya College of Engineering and Technology

BricsCAD Workshop @ RECT Polytechnic College: Training students with Industry skills

GeoTools-CADPower Rental Plans & License Policy Update

Updates in GeoTools-CADPower V 17.19 & 17.20

GeoTools-CADPower V 17.21 Update: Demand-Load, Auto Config Enabled in Installer

CADPower-GeoTools V 17.18 Update (Quantity Takeoff tools Extended further)

GeoTools-CADPower Price Revision from February 1, 2017

CADPower & GeoTools Rental License Plan Launched

GeoTools & CADPower for BricsCAD Now on Apple Mac OS X

GeoTools-CADPower V 17.16 Update

CP_NEWSTART: Polyline Tools : Vertex Management : Specify a new start point for polylines

How to determine 3d spatial intersections in your CAD environment


Quick Introduction to CADPower in BricsCAD V16

CADPower in AutoCAD – Brief features, 4 minute video

CADPower-GeoTools V 17.15 Update (Polyline Export Statistics & Linear Quantity Takeoff Enhancements)

DesignSense to Represent AddoBar ReBar Detailing Software in India

DesignSense to Represent Spatial Manager Software in India

White Paper: How AddoBAR can change the way you approach rebar detailing?

CADPower-GeoTools V 17.14 Update, Mac Version in Beta

GeoTools For Civil Design

GeoTools & CADPower Now Available for BricsCAD V17

Bricsys India (DesignSense) @ Vision 2020 : The Indian Society of Lighting Engineers Conference

BricsCAD V17 is Now Available for Public Download

Bricsys India (Designsense) To Exhibit at the Indian Society of Lighting Engieneers Expo: Vision 2020

Bricsys 2016 Conference : Live Footage

PR: BEACON Appoints New COO, Organizational Development in Focus

PR: Apranje Estates Limited chooses Cloud based Collaboration software, Ayoga for their enterprise

Made with BricsCAD V17: A Gallery of Third-Party Apps running BricsCAD V17

BricsCAD V17: The ‘What’s New’ Videos

The Bricsys 2016 Conference: Summary of All Blog posts

The Learning Starts from Today: What’s New in BricsCAD V17

Bricsys Conference 2016: Posts from Ralph Grabowski

Back Home from the Bricsys Conference, This Channel will Tell You More About V17!

BIC 2016: The Closing Night @ Campus Loft

BricsCAD BIM V17

BIC 2016: Variational Direct Modeling, Dmitry Ushakov

BIC 2016: What’s New in BricsCAD V17

BIC 2016: Running BricsCAD from a browser

BricsCAD V17: First Looks, What’s New in Startup Screen?

BIC 2016: Day 2: Bricsys & ODA

BIC 2016: Day 1: Afternoon Developer Session

BIC 2016: The Opening Night @ Palais Lenbach

BIC 2016: Meet N Greet Sessions @ The Foyer, BMW Welt

BIC2016: The SalesPoint Session Reveals lots of Inspirational Stories

BIC 2016: The Bricsys International Conference Gets Underway @ BMW Welt, Munich

BIC 2016: Bricsys International Conference Starts Today, Team India Arrives

Guest Post by Carlos Brandao – Moving smoothly from CAD to BIM

CADPower-GeoTools V 17.11 Update : Connecting Block Attributes, Auto-Poly-Detect Labeling & More

BricsCAD BIM V17, From Sketch, to BIM, to Detail

CADPower Develops a New Skin for BricsCAD Users – Presenting the BricsCAD+ Interface

CADPower-GeoTools V 17.10 Update (More Maintenance and System Support Tools)

Ayoga: Connect your Project Elements, Collaborate on Cloud, Plan your Resources, Integrate IoT & Mobiles

CADPower-GeoTools V 17.09 Update (Help, Support & Access to Information Improved)

DesignSense – BricsCAD India Download Links

CADPower V17 Monthly Subscription Plan

GeoTools-CADPower V 17.08 Update

Best Practices working with .dwg data – White Paper

GeoTools-CADPower V 17.07 Update (More Mining Tools, Sheet-Cutting, Object Data & More)

Calling All Fabrication Engineers, Designers & Artists: See How CADPower Can Help You

ODA Releases Teigha® 4.2 – More power to the .dwg platform

GeoTools-CADPower V 17.06 Update (Mining-Geological Symbols, Concept Modeling & More)

Learn How to Create and Maintain Dynamic Blocks in AutoCAD, and use them in BricsCAD

Three Updated e-Books by Ralph Grabowski – FREE to download

The Villa PM by Architrend Architecture – Build it in 9 Simple Video Lessons (Bricsys TV)

I^Walk – Walk Through your imagination in a VR environment

DesignSense launches CADPower BreakOut Modules: The Expert Series of Productivity Tools

GeoTools-CADPower Compatibility on AutoCAD versions

GeoTools-CADPower V 17.05 Update (Part Number / Names for BOQ workflow)

CADPower-GeoTools V 17.04 Update (3D Intersections, 3D Form Concept Planning, BOQ, Linear Quantities)

GeoTools-CADPower V 17.02 & V 17.03 Update

OT: Allow bicycles on Indian Metros

GeoTools-CADPower YouTube Channel Update

GeoTools-CADPower V 17.01 Update: 3 New Panels/Sizing tools + 5 New Videos

GeoTools-CADPower YouTube Channel Launched

CADPower-GeoTools V17 Crash Bug & Its Fix

GeoTools-CADPower V17 Price Revision

GeoTools-CADPower V 17 Released

GeoTools-CADPower V 16.19 Update

GeoTools-CADPower V 16.17 & 16.18 Update

CADPower-GeoTools V 16.15 & 16.16 Updates

CADPower-GeoTools V 16.15 & 16.16 Updates

DesignSense Opens New R&D Innovation Center

CADPower Opens Up More FREEWARE for BricsCAD Users Worldwide

BricsCAD Classic All-In Promotion Update

BricsCAD V16 e-Book Released by Ralph Grabowski

CADPower-GeoTools V 16.14 Update

CADPower-GeoTools V 16.13 Update

CADPower V 16.12 Update

GeoTools-CADPower V 16.11 Update

Bricsys Asia Conference in Hong Kong @ The Royal Garden

Don’t Under-Estimate The Power Of The .dwg Platform

This is How Bricsys is Quietly Advancing 3D

Bricsys is Looking East: Asia Conference in Hong Kong Coming Up

CADPower-GeoTools Documentation Update

CADPower & GeoTools Updated for BricsCAD V16

This is How Bricsys is Quietly Advancing 3D

Bricsys India Sales & Solution Point Meet 2015 (@DesignSense)

BricsCAD V16 & Communicator V16 are Now Shipping!!

PR: DesignSense Launches Ayoga for Cloud Based Collaboration

BricsCAD V16 – Collage of User-Interface Elements

BricsCAD Communicator V16 – What RAP Technologies Found Out During Tests

Images From The Bricsys Closing Party

Sheet Metal Design in BricsCAD V16

The MCAD Overview by Dmitry Ushakov & Ilya Tatarnikov

What’s New in BricsCAD V16

ODA & Bricsys – Always Together

Bricsys User Conference 2015 Day 2 Begins

Bricsys 2015 User Conference – Day 1 Afternoon, Developer Session

Bricsys 2015 User Conference – Day 1 Morning, Sales Point Session

Wandering Around the Conference Venue: Images From The BMW Welt

Team Bricsys India Arrives in Munich, Germany

CADPower-GeoTools V16.06 & V16.08 Update

PR: DesignSense Appoints Techevate Software as US Distributor for CADPower-GeoTools

Bricsys 2015 User Conference, 2 Weeks to Go: Germany Calling Again

DesignSense Announces Micro-Verticals Teams for Focussed Industry Solutions

PR: DesignSense Appoints TSC Bahrain as GeoTools-CADPower reseller

The Second Annual ODA Developer Conference in Prague – Ralph Grabowski Report Summary

The Goa BricsCAD-BIM Event: Quotes from the Noteworthy

The Goa BricsCAD-BIM Event: Some Key Takeaways

GeoTools-CADPower Special Offer

Design Centre, Goa hosts BricsCAD Presentation Event with DesignSense

DesignSense Signs Up CADREBEL.COM as its GeoTools-CADPower distributor in the US

CADPower Complimentary Subscription for 90 days

BricsCAD Classic All-In Promotion, INDIA Only

CADPower-GeoTools V 16.05 Update: Linear Quantities & Adding a database to .dwg

Performing a ‘Clean Switch’ of Workspaces in BricsCAD

Bricsys TV: A Roundup of Recent Posts

Which is the Best Graphics Card / Hardware for BricsCAD 3D?

CADPower-GeoTools V 16.04 Update

DesignSense-Penta Launches MfgPower for Productive Manufacturing

GeoTools-CADPower V 16.03 Update

Bricsys Releases V 15.3 – The Second Major V15 Lifecycle Release

CADPower-GeoTools V 16.02 Update

Bricsys India (DesignSense) @ AES 2015

CADPower-GeoTools V 16.01 Update

GeoTools-CADPower V16 Released

The Mid-Year Dividend: What does BricsCAD V 15.2 Deliver to the CAD User?

EdgeWorks & DesignSense Showcase BRICSCAD @ ConcreteShow India 2015

GeoTools-CADPower Update 15.22 – The Last V15 update

GeoTools-CADPower Update 15.21 – Startup Lisp Support Added

CADPower V15.20 Update – The Construction Grid Tool Gets a Shot in The Arm

New GeoTools Update Improves Google Earth Data Exchange, Support GML also

The 3D Architectural Modeling Workflow using BricsCAD BIM

GeoTools-CADPower Startup Crash in AutoCAD 2011

PR: DesignSense Awarded Solution Partner Status by Solidworks corporation

CADPower-GeoTools V 15.17 Update

CADPower-GeoTools V 15.16 Update

Managing Geometric Shapes in BricsCAD – with CADPower

Book Update – BricsCAD V15 for AutoCAD Users

GeoTools-CADPower V15.15 Update

BricsCAD for Mac Released – Your Conceptual Design Tool in Mac

RAP Technologies – Our New BricsCAD Reseller in Pondicherry & Tamil Nadu

GeoTools-CADPower V 15.12 Update

AutoTURN on BricsCAD: Webinar Today!

Ralph Grabowski Mentions DSTools in upFront.eZine

BricsCAD Communicator V15 Released

GeoTools & CADPower for BricsCAD V15 Available, Runs Classic Version also

GeoTools & CADPower V 15.10 Update

What is BricsCAD BIM & How does it work?

BricsCAD V15 Public Release Available Now

Back Home After the BIC2014 Conference & Coverage Summary

The Famed Bricsys Support System

Some Pictures from The Day 2 Party @ Bricsys Conference

The Bricsys Legendary Party 2014

BricsCAD V15 – Goodies for the Developer Community

BricsCAD V15 Gets Ribbonized

BricsCAD BIM Announced

Day 2: Presentation by LVD Group – Sheet Metal Partner

BricsCAD V15 – What’s New?

Day 1: Bricsys conference Evening Event: Walking Dinner at the Palauet

BIC2014 – Neil Peterson Presents the ODA Roadmap

CGS from Solvenia Showcase their Civil Apps @ BIC2014

Mid-Morning Coffe Break: Some Pictures

Owen Wengerd of Manusoft at BIC2014

Mark Van den Bergh & Erik de Keyser Set the Pitch For the Conference

Bricsys 2014 Conference Begins Today

DSTools for SolidWorks: Product Launch – Our Media Channel Partner For The Bricsys Conference

CADPower-GeoTools V 15.08 Update

Bricsys Announces International User Conference 2014

Perpetual AutoCAD Licenses to End?

BricsCAD License Portable Across Operating Systems

GeoTools-CADPower Upgrade Offer for pre-V14 users

CADPower Update: V 15.07: The BOM booms again

CADPower-GeoTools Update: V 15.06a

The New Bill of Materials / Quantities Tools in CADPower V15

Open Offer to All BricsCAD users in India : Get CADPower from us, Multiply your Productivity

Migrating BricsCAD License From One Computer to Another

GeoTools-CADPower Update: V 15.04, 15.03

Interoperability and Why It Matters – Gautam Samant, Keynote Speaker, BricsCAD Belgaum Roadshow

Free Open Source Software In an Enterprise – Swapneel Patnekar Tells us More

ADIS Technologies Hosts BricsCAD Roadshow in Belgaum – July 17, 2014

GeoTools-CADPower Price Revision

BricsCAD India Reseller Training Conference (@DesignSense)

GeoTools-CADPower Version 15 Released

Back by Popular Demand: Webinar: BricsCAD + Lightworks Artisan, Presenting The Architectural Workflow

Webinar Recording: BricsCAD + Lightworks Artisan, Presenting an Architectural Workflow

GeoTools-CADPower Update: V 14.29 & 14.30

PR: DesignSense Becomes Lightworks Partner in India

Webinar: BricsCAD + Lightworks Artisan, Presenting The Architectural Workflow

Webinar Recording: BricsCAD – REAL Choice

BricsCAD, The REAL Choice, Webinar on 9th April, 2014

REAL Choice, The new BricsCAD Tag-line

GeoTools Now Imports GML Files Directly

CADPower V 14.27 Update: Seach Entity Handles, Image Editing and More…

CADPower: Efficacy Solutions & Added Advantages for the BricsCAD User.

Bricsys Q1-2014 Newsletter

Bricsys TV – The First Few Movies & Tutorials on Air

MechSim Technologies, The New Face of BricsCAD in Pune

CADVision Embeds Bricsys LGS Technologies in Their Products

DesignSense Appoints BricsCAD Reseller in Belgaum

DesignSense Launches Its Facebook page

Bricsys TV Goes Live!!

Lisp Benchmarks Again, One Year Later

Bricsys Announces Interim Dividend, Releases V14.2 With New Features

Review: Keymark’s BuildEdge PLAN, Smart Architectural Addon for SketchUp

Bricsys Releases BricsCAD V14 on Linux

BricsCAD Webinars & Demos On Tap, Only from DesignSense Software

CADPower & GeoTools Update: V 14.25

BricsCAD Webinar by Louis Verdonck – Recorded Version

BricsCAD Webinar by Louis Verdonck (Feb 6, 2014 – India)

DesignSense Software Technologies – The New Bricsys India Distributor

CADPower V 14.22 Update : CP_CHOP & LayerState Commands fixed

BricsCAD for Mac – We Have Moved One Step Closer to Beta

CP_COMPAREBLKATTS: Compare Block Attribute Tags and Values

GeoTools-CADPower V 14.18 Update

PR: JETCAM and Bricsys Form Technical & Commercial Partnership

How to Change BricsCAD LayerStates at the Click of a Button

BricsCAD V14.1.11 – Join Command Improvements

BricsCAD V14 – The Developer Reference Help

The Teigha (TX) Development Environment and BricsCAD

PR: Chapoo Releases App for iPad

BricsCAD V14 – RunAsLevel (Switching to a Lower License Level)

My Daughter Sanjna’s eco-Projects Mentioned in ‘The Hindu’

Why Lisp Programming is Better in BricsCAD than AutoCAD

How To View, Verify and Activate Your BricsCAD Licenses

GeoTools V 14.16 Adds New Module: Geological / Mining Tools

SurveyDrawing.Net : Third Party Post by E-Surveying SoftTech

BricsCAD V14 : New Command Review : SELECTSIMILAR

GeoTools & CADPower Updated for BricsCAD V14

Bricsys Continues on its Vector : By Ralph Grabowski

Croatia – A Visit to Kamen in Pazin

The Bricsys Legendary Party on Day 2

Bricsys Conference 2013, Day 2, Closing Remarks from Erik

Bricsys Conference 2013, Day 2, The 3D MCAD Roadmap

BricsCAD V14 – New Features Summary

Bricsys Conference 2013, Day 2, Ideas & Programas Brings the Ribbon to BricsCAD

Bricsys Conference 2013, Day 2, GUI Changes – V14

Bricsys Conference 2013, Day 2, Keynote speaker – Helen Keen

Bricsys Conference 2013, Day 1, Third Party Presentation – Transoft Solutions

Bricsys Conference 2013 – CAD Systems (ParaBuild)

Bricsys Conference 2013, Day 1, Third party Presentation: Geo-Plus

Bricsys Conference 2013, Day 1, Third Party Presentation – DVS Software System

Bricsys Conference 2013, Day 1, Third Party Presentation – JetCAM

Bricsys Conference 2013, Day 1, ODA Technical Presentation

Bricsys Conference 2013, Day 1, Third Party Presentaton – FIAN System

Bricsys Conference 2013, Day 1, Third Party Presentation – RedWay 3d

Bricsys Conference 2013, Day 1, Third Party Presentation – Pit Cup

Bricsys Conference 2013 – API Update & Future Plans

Bricsys Conference 2013 – The Countdown Has Begun

Bricsys Conference – 1 Week to go

The GUID check in GeoTools-CADPower

GeoTools-CADPower Promotion Ends October 15, 2013

CADPower V 14.13 Update – Two New Tools

BricsCAD V14: Licensing Mechanism To Change

Import-Export of IGES files from BricsCAD

GeoTools-CADPower V 14.12 Update

GeoTools & CADPower V 14.11 Update

CADPower V 14.10 – Updated Tutorials, Fixes, Enhancements & More…

BricsCAD BIM: Materials Definition

GeoTools/CADPower V 14.08 Update

Export PDF Options in BricsCAD

The BricsCAD+ menu in CADPower

BricsCAD BIM: Parametric Modeling, Level-wise

BricsCAD BIM : Tree-Based Project View

BricsCAD: MASSPROP command, and the Properties Tab

BricsCAD BIM – Project-based Workflow Setup

TurboSite 1.3: Following Up On The Updates

BricsCAD BIM, in Beta Now, Looks Promising…

PR: Bricsys Announces Version 8 of Bricsys LGS 2D & 3D Component Technology

The Bricsys Annual Conference – October 2013

PR: Bricsys Announces Version 3 of RhinoWorks

GeoTools-CADPower Special Anniversary Promotion (99$ only)

PR: Bricsys Announces Version 3 of RhinoWorks

BricsCAD BIM – Key Features

BricsCAD BIM Screenshots

APIs for BricsCAD BIM Module

Bricsys Expands the ‘Unified CAD’ Paradigm, Integrates BIM with BricsCAD Pro & Platinum

TPR: Bricsys Announces Beta Version of BricsCAD BIM Module

The Waal Bridge project and Chapoo

GeoTools & CADPower Ribbon Interface – in AutoCAD 2014

BricsCAD V13 64-bit Release, .dwg 2013 Support, Updated Add-Ons

GeoTools & CADPower V14 Now Compatible With AutoCAD 2014

GeoTools & CADPower 14.01 for BricsCAD 64-bit Versions

BricsCAD V13.2 – 64-Bit Version Released

IrconCAD 2013 Review

GeoTools & CADPower V14 released today!!

BricsCAD Now Auto-Detects Broken COM Interface

2013 .dwg Format Support in BricsCAD, Coming Soon!!

BricsCAD V13 – 64-bit Version, Coming Soon!!

GeoTools & CADPower V14 Releasing Soon

GeoTools V14 – What’s New!

CADPower V14 – What’s New!

Indian Standard Steel Sections – CADPower V14

Insert a GeoTagged photo using GeoTools V14

Read EXIF data from image files – CADPower V14

CoordTran – Geographic Coordinates Transformation in CAD (GeoTools V14)

DWG2KML – Export CAD data to Google KML files (GeoTools V14)

The BricsCAD Lisp Developer Support Package – Torsten Moses Reveals It All

PR: BricsCAD Software Adds Seamless Access to the Cloud-based Chapoo Collaboration Service

PR: Bricsys and Lightworks Announce Availability of Artisan on the BricsCAD Solution Store

Roundup of Recent BricsCAD News

How to Identify (and fix) a Broken COM Engine in BricsCAD?

Lisp Benchmarks : AutoCAD, BricsCAD & ZWCAD+

Chapoo – A Corporate Slideshow

Press Release : Bricsys Announces Availability of BricsCAD V13 for Linux

Category Based Licensing for CADPower & GeoTools

Ralph Grabowski reviews CADPower software

Tip: Identifying Extended BricsCAD Commands Category-Wise

New eBook : BricsCAD V13 for AutoCAD Users – from Ralph Grabowski

ODA Announces Teigha® Version 3.8

BricsCAD V13 3D Direct Modeling – Training Videos

Review : IMSI/Design’s TurboSite for iPad

IRIS Science Fair – Our Daughter Does it Again, Qualifies as ISEF Observer

Chapoo : Key Questions Answered

Chapoo: From Simple File Sharing to Complete Project Collaboration

GeoTools-CADPower Winter Promotion

GeoTools-CADPower V 13.11 Update

Bricsys 2012 Press & Analysts

Tip : Install BricsCAD as an Administrator

Tip : Security and BricsCAD VBA

GeoTools/CADPower for BricsCAD V13 is Now Available For Download

BricsCAD Rebranding – The Whys and Hows

BricsCAD V13 – Compare Classic, Pro & Platinum Flavours

BricsCAD V13 – Key Features Summary

Bricsys Conference Blog Coverage

Winding Up Bricsys 2012 Conference on Day 3

The Bricsys Legendary Party – Day 2 @ The Passenger Terminal

PowerDimensions – Addon software from Daniel Marcotte

Bricsys Enters Mechanical Design Market

Bricsys 2012 Conference – Corporate Customer Presentation (Tyco Systems)

BricsCAD and the ODA – Arnold Van der Weide

BricsCAD V13 – What’s New – Presentation by Hans de Backer

Keynote Speaker – Day 2 – Lieven Scheire

The Legendary Bricsys Party @ Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience

BricsCAD Changes Skin – The New Logo, The New Look

Running CAD on Tiny Screens – Ralph Grabowksi

Bricsys 2012 Conference – Presentation by Dredging Major Van Oord

Bricsys 2012 Conference – Third Party Rendering Solution (Light Works)

BricsCAD – The Roadmap Ahead

Bricsys 2012 Conference – Civil Engineering Solution (Australian Design Company)

Pictures – Coffee Break Time

Software Services – LEDAS Presentation

Bricsys 2012 Conference – Instrumentation & Control Systems (PRODOK by Roesberg)

Bricsys 2012 Conference – Transportation Design Solutions (AutoTrack)

BricsCAD – API update and future plans

Bricsys 2012 Conference Starts Today

IRIS Science Fair – Our Daughter Makes It to The National Level

The Bricsys 2012 Conference Agenda

GeoTools / CADPower V 13.07 Update

About File Managers And The One Within CADPower

Bricsys International Conference 2012 @ Amsterdam

GeoTools / CADPower Price Revision

A Quick and Dirty Tip : A DRAWORDER alternative

Searching Through The Maze of GeoTools / CADPower commands

A CAD Tutorial : Thickness, Polyline Width, Pen Width and Lineweight

CAD Data Conversion Tools in GeoTools/CADPower

GeoTools & CADPower V 13.06 : Update – (GT_XD2OD)

A CAD Tutorial : Visibility Control of Entities Contained in Block Inserts

BricsCAD Tip : Batch Plot Support

BricsCAD Troubleshooting Tip : How to enable VBA / ACIS Editing in your BricsCAD?

BricsCAD Road-shows in Mumbai-Pune Region – Feedback

BricsCAD Presentation at the Conference in Brisbane

GeoTools & CADPower : What’s New Since V10


BricsCAD: How to try the Platinum Features ( V12 Classic or Pro Customers)

File Formats Supported in BricsCAD

Where Does BricsCAD Store its Program Settings and User-Specific Data?

BricsCAD : System Variables & Preference Variables

BricsCAD : Failure to Add License Key on Windows Vista or Higher

BricsCAD User Profiles Manager : The Hows & Whys

BricsCAD Support : Program Locks Up in File Open Dialog

BricsCAD Webinar from Novedge

CADPower Tip of the Week : Divide an ELLIPSE Into Equal Parts Polyline

GeoTools / CADPower : What’s New in V13

CAD Trivia About BricsCAD


The Bricsys Academic Program for India, GeoTools and CADPower also join

GeoTools / CADPower V 13.02 Update

CADPower / GeoTools V 13.01 Update

CADPower / GeoTools V13 Released

Plant Design / Process Engineering Seminar – Some Photos

BricsCAD V 12.2 – Yet another (minor-numbered) Release, But Lots Of Punch

BricsCAD News Recap – Tools Palette / Price Revision / India Roadshow

Coming Today : Tool palettes in BricsCAD V 12.2 Release

BricsCAD Demos in India – Process Plant Designs and Piping Layout designs

GeoTools and CADPower – V12.24 Update is OUT!! 2Checkout.Com is our New Payment Gateway

BricsCAD Raster Image Performance – Load 240MB TIFF in < 60 seconds

BricsCAD V 12.1.22 – Good News for Large Raster Image Users

‘Isolate Layer’ & ‘Blocks Snapshot Viewing’ using Drawing Explorer in BricsCAD

Process Plant Layout and Piping Design Workshops in India

Bricsys Has An Official Blog Now

New Product Announcement : E-Survey KML from E-Surveying.NET

Navigating through the BricsCAD ‘Settings’ Dialog Box

MAC-Address Based and Disk-Based AppKeys of GeoTools/CADPower

GeoTools/CADPower now supports Floating Licenses

How to Use GeoTools and CADPower on The Same Computer – For AutoCAD

How to use GeoTools and CADPower Together on The Same Computer – For BricsCAD

How to Add a New Hatch Pattern in BricsCAD

CAD Products Split – New CADPower and New GeoTools Released

Classification of Posts in this Blog

GeoTools/CADPower for AutoCAD and BricsCAD are DIFFERENT

GeoTools ‘Closing Down’ Winter Promotion

BricsCAD-GeoTools e-Newsletters – Who, Why and How You Receive it

‘BricsCAD for AutoCAD Users’ eBook Updated for BricsCAD V12

Suman’s Studio : Customized Name Plates from India

More on Ralph Grabowski’s “Trends in hardware and Software” post

BricsCAD Showcase – A Water Rocket Model

BricsCAD Promotion Offer to End on November 30

Creating Compiled Lisp Applications in BricsCAD (a VLX versus DESCoder perspective)

GeoTools V12.19 Update

Direct Modeling – Who Needs It and Why? A Review of Competitive Technologies

DOCTabs, BCadTools & ExtTools – Three must-have Freebies For BricsCAD

Learn BricsCAD V12 in a day – A New e-Book from Ralph Grabowski

On a Sunday Morning, my Son Blogs into the The Times of India

Using GeoTools with Non-Western Locales and Character Sets

Three New Additions to the GeoTools FREEWARE section

GeoTools V 12.18 Update

A New Skin for BricsCAD V12 – enabled by GeoTools/CADPower

GeoTools to Rebadge, CADPower to launch soon

GeoTools runs in BricsCAD Trial but not in Classic

GeoTools V12 compatibility with BricsCAD V12

BricsCAD V12 is FREE for Students and Educational Institutions

Bricsys International Conference – Coverage from other Bloggers

BricsCAD V12 Released – Download it Now!

BricsCAD V12 Direct Modeling video

BricsCAD Grows & Evolves Everyday – A look at V12 & V11 life-cycles

Bricsys – Past, Present, Future – A Movie

Chapoo and BricsCAD

With Sven Soltmann in Gent

The Bricsys Party on Day 2

Direct Modeling Explained

Menhirs NV (Bricsys) Acquires Intellectual Property Rights from LEDAS

Metso Automation – The First BRX User

Chapoo – Upload, Share, View and Annotate files

LightWorks Artisan – A Presentation by Clive Davies

ODA and Bricsys – A presentation by Arnold Van der Weide

What’s New in BricsCAD V12

Constraints based & Direct Modelling in in BricsCAD V12

Day 2 of Bricsys Conference Starts

Ralph Grabowski Live From Belgium

BricsCAD – Applications and Corporate World

The Bricsys Party – Day 1

Trends in Software and Hardware – Ralph Grabowski

Civil-GIS Application – WSCAD

Bricsys and Cloud Strategy

Connecting Vondle and BricsCAD

BricsCAD End User Support for Applications

CADProfi – Parametric CAD

BricsCAD – Overview of API’s, Compatibility and History

Conference agenda….And Also the Bricsys Party Agenda

BricsCAD – 10 Years of Operations history

Bricsys Conference Starts Today

BricsCAD Special Promotion for India Ending Soon

Bricsys Developers Conference – October 4 & 5 in Brussels

Tip of the Week: How to Draw a Peripheral Boundary Around Adjacent Polygons

GeoTools V 12.16 Update

GeoTools V 12.15 Update

The New AutoLoader in AutoCAD 2012

Tip of the Week: Acquiring Vertex Elevation Values From Points Lying on a Polyline

Optus Telecom, Australia Likes GeoTools!!

PHSCAD Application Ported to BricsCAD – A Customer Story

GeoTools V 12.13, 12.12 and 12.11 Updates

GeoTools V 12.10 update

GeoTools V12.08/12.09 Update

The BricsCAD Platinum=Pro promotion

GeoTools V 12.07 Update

GeoTools Now Sports The Ribbon Interface in AutoCAD 2012

The New AppStore in AutoCAD 2012

BricsCAD Users Wishlist, Feedback and Workaround – From India

Index of All Blog Posts

BricsCAD V11 Special Promotion in India

Using GeoTools with AutoCAD 2012

TABLE Object Support in BricsCAD

BricsCAD Platinum – New Jewel in the Crown

BricsCAD Preference Poll – The wishlists and the results

Geotools 12.04 minor update

Bricsys releases V – a significant update

GeoTools V12.03 Update

GeoTools V12.02 Minor Update

GeoTools V12.01 Update

GeoTools V12 What’s New

Erik de Keyser: Interview with GeoSpatial Today

GeoTools 12 is now shipping

Bricsys India appoints first Authorised Training center in India

GeoTools V11.20 Update Order Processing Guidelines

What’s New in GeoTools

GeoTools : Special Migration Plan for pre-V10 Users

Photogrammetry-related Stuff in GeoTools

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