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BRICSCAD V19: Don’t Just Let This Opportunity Go! Get Your Copy Now!

BRICSCAD V19: Don’t Just Let This Opportunity Go! Get Your Copy Now!

Bengaluru, India



We are on the cusp of a major event in the life-cycle of BricsCAD: the hop-over from V18 to V19. Next month, after the Bricsys International Conference in London, V19: the most awaited V19 release debuts world-wide.

This year has been a terrific one for Bricsys in general and for DesignSense in particular.

We had the highest number of In-bound inquiries from India for the BricsCAD CAD platform and for the first time ever, we spent the least amount of time explaining what what BricsCAD is, and instead jumped straight to features and value proposition. Most of our in-callers already knew BricsCAD. A huge difference from the earlier years when we had to tele-call CAD users and painstakingly tell what BricsCAD is and what it can do.

And, what did this magic? It is the power and stability of the BricsCAD platform that eventually helped it edge the other .dwg CAD products that the market was swamped with, toted as a cure-all for all the maladies of the big A software. When you want a software that has all the benefits, and can work a complete 8-hour shift without crashing and has the ability to maintain drawing fidelity to the last dot, BricsCAD emerged as the ONLY choice, or rather the REAL Choice.

The trust has been built. BricsCAD is a recognized brand now in India.

We take this opportunity to thank our existing user-base in India, our resellers and referral agent and all our resellers for their untiring effort in making the BricsCAD brand a recognized one in India.

BricsCAD V18 has arguably been the most stable BricsCAD ever so far and we spent the least amount of time this year in technical support and problem solving. Indeed, in the life-cycle of BricsCAD, the product has reached cruising altitude and has come of age. Quite often, the only time we interact with our customers again after initial purchase is when they decide to add new licenses. Clearly, BricsCAD users more or less settle into auto-pilot mode and require little or no interaction with the vendor any more.

What does this mean to you? If you have been sitting on the fence and undecided, NOW is the time to grab your copy of BricsCAD. We have a very special offer for you that will entitle you to get an inclusive V19 license when you purchase a copy of V18 now.

BricsCAD is still attractively priced and will always remain so, but there are some pockets of time when you get it at an even better price that ever. And NOW is that period in time!

Call us for more details and get your BricsCAD license now!

BricsCAD V18 Classic 2D version (from INR 33000) – includes V19

BricsCAD V18 Pro 3D version (from INR 50000) – includes V19

BricsCAD V18 Platinum 3D version (from INR 62000) – includes V19


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