BricsCAD V18 Now is An All-InOne ‘Thali’ of CAD Solutions: Steps into 2018 With a Promise

BricsCAD V18 Now is An All-InOne ‘Thali’ of CAD Solutions: Steps into 2018 With a Promise

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Being an integral part of the Bricsys eco-system for the 11th year now, I have been following and tracking the rise of BricsCAD software since 2007, ever since the then Coordinate System became India’s first BricsCAD Developer Partner and Sales Point.

It may have been a slow start but a steady rise, with a long-term focused goal and today, BricsCAD has raced itself to an enviable position of being a .dwg based platform that offers a whole bouquet of technologies supporting it.


This All-In-One Platter is the most wholesome food in India – The Thali

Bricsys calls BricsCAD the All-In-One solution running on the .dwg platform. To me, I draw parallel with another wholesome All-In-One meal that is served in India, the ubiquitous Thali, or the traditional India platter, which is an assortment of all staple ingredients and dishes for a complete meal. In many ways, I consider BricsCAD to be exactly that: a wholesome set of tools on a platter that has something for everyone: for all tastes, all budgets.

BricsCAD shaped up during its formative years with a lot of feedback from the loyal users, ably driven forward by the vision of it founding team, led by CEO Erik de Keyser. At Designsense, we have had a great run with Bricsys and BricsCAD software from 2008 to 2018, right from the days of Coordinate Systems to DesignSense, to become India’s largest distributor and Solutions Provider for BricsCAD and other CAD technologies.

Today, when I look at BricsCAD software, it is no longer a stand-alone replacement for AutoCAD, it is a much larger platform that offer everything from 3d modeling, Sheet metal, BIM and advanced rendering.

A lot of CAD professionals and users, and the competition at large, still likes to bracket BricsCAD into the segment of a AutoCAD-substitute. This is a gross under-statement of its capabilities and BricsCAD is much more than that.

The catch-up with and work-like AutoCAD was a defined goal of Bricsys to make BricsCAD acceptable to the large base of AutoCAD users. That goal has been reached long back and today, the company is on a warpath to showcase its advanced set of capabilities for manufacturing and design that come within striking distance of the SolidWorks, Inventors and the Revits ruling the roost in today’s CAD world.

However, in 2018, the writing on the wall is clear. New gen-software like BricsCAD and others are fast giving the behemoths a run for their money. And the change is inevitably happening, and fast. We saw the fastest migration in the SME segments in AEC and manufacturing. New-age, first generation entrepreneurs open shop and are willing to try new and upcoming software, and often able to realize that it does the job just as good or even better. The TATAs, L&Ts, the public sector engineering giants and the multi-national companies in India still have some excess baggage to shed before they can cut the red tape, procedures and make the move to new-generation software. We believe 2018 and beyond is going to show us the path to this transformational change, which has to come in their mind-set than any-where else.

BricsCAD users do have their share of challenges in front of them. Migration to a new software platform, however compatible, is still something that requires some hand-holding by the vendor and a support from upper management. In many organizations, it is the perceived loss of productivity that a new platform brings that is a hindrance to the migration.

DesignSense software Technologies is here to stay as a beacon for BricsCAD users in India. We are here to assure you that we will address all of your support and sales questions and ensure that you have a new platform for conceptualizing, design and manufacturing. While more and more CAD vendors are moving to a subscription-oonly model, Bricsys still believes in offering choice: perpetual or rental. You are never forced into either of them.

If you have not given BricsCAD a dekko, do it now! BricsCAD is the best choice for your design, drafting and production documentation.

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