“BricsCAD Unplugged” – Three editions: Classic, Pro, Platinum

“BricsCAD Unplugged” – Three editions: Classic, Pro, Platinum

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In the second edition of “BricsCAD® Unplugged”, we have Matt Olding, Head of Learning @ Bricsys, Vince Aman, who works with Bricsys sales team in the US, and Heidi Hewett, User Success Manager @ Bricsys.


Matt Olding starts off by telling the 3 modules of BricsCAD – Classic, Pro and Platinum. Different requirements, different budgets, different variants of BricsCAD.

Vince Aman, who works with the Sales team in the United States, is also an ace Lisp programmer and brings in development and CAD consulting experience (he was a CAD manager earlier, he says) to bring value to the BricsCAD users in the United States. As a Lisp programmer and having worked with companies using Lisp in varying degrees, Vince says the support for Lisp in BricsCAD Classic makes it a couple if notches higher than the AutoCAD LT product.

And finally, Heidi takes us through the comparison chart that details the differences between Classic, Pro and Platinum and shows us how to install trial and change the levels within.

Finally, before we end, here is what she sums up “Don’t just download BricsCAD. Use the trial and experience the product”. This line pretty neatly sums what we see often here as well. People download the trial and sit tight for the next 29 days and then, one fine day, when you want to try it out, the trial has expired. Don’t lose the momentum. Do the trial immediately after you download it! After all, you don’t need more than a day to convince yourself this is as compatible and much better than the other CAD systems you have used.

Great going and good luck guys!! Good luck Bricsys!!


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