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“BricsCAD® Unplugged” – Steve Johnson’s 5 surprises moving to BricsCAD

“BricsCAD® Unplugged” – Steve Johnson’s 5 surprises moving to BricsCAD

Bengaluru, India

“BricsCAD Unplugged” is a series of live web-casts (via facebook live) from the core marketing team of Bricsys NV.

In this special edition of BricsCAD Unplugged, watch and listen to the Bricsys trio – Don Strimbu, Matt Olding and Vince Aman talk to Steve Johnson of CAD Nauseam, as he spells out his top five reasons why BricsCAD is the best.

Steve Johnson has been a CAD specialist since 1995 and has been involved in multiple roles like technical writing (CADalyst), CAD consulting, developing and was the president of the Western Australia Autodesk user group, and Vice-President of CADLock Inc.

He is also an international fencing champion and also plays cricket, which is a popular sport in the common-wealth countries but largely unknown in continental Europe and the Americas.

The Un-Plugged feed is available on twitter, facebook and youtube channels. The first one was earlier this month and it happens every week.

Watch and listen to this conversation on youtube:


Great going and good luck guys!! Good luck Bricsys!!


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