“BricsCAD® Unplugged” – LIVE from Bricsys HQ

“BricsCAD® Unplugged” – LIVE from Bricsys HQ

Bengaluru, India

“BricsCAD Unplugged” is a series of live web-casts (via facebook live) from the core marketing team of Bricsys NV.

Now, why did Bricsys launch this channel? As Don Strimbu explains, it is all about Making CAD Fun Again

This is the fifth edition of the Unplugged series and the feed is available on twitter, facebook and youtube channels. The first one was earlier this month and it happens every week.

In this post, I have BLOGified this web-cast for the benefit of those would also like to (also) read what can be listened to on youtube (see below).

 “BricsCAD® Unplugged” – LIVE from Bricsys HQ

This episode of “BricsCAD® Unplugged” was anchored by Matt Olding, Head of Learning Resources and assisted by Don Strimbu, VP of Communications and User Success Manager, Heidi Hewett.

Don_strimbu Heidi_hewett

As we start off, there is a clarion call to everyone to attend the Bricsys 2018 User Conference in London which is happening on October 23 and 24, 2018 at The Brewery in Central London. BIC 2018 promises to be the most glitzy and ground breaking Bricsys conference, both in terms of technically innovative content and the fun time it promises.If you have not yet registered for the conference, now is the time to register and buy the tickets here.

The live session kicks off with Don Strimbu introducing some of the key employees of Bricsys – Heidi Hewett and Sander Scheiris, Head of Marketing, who are here to tell us that “everything is ready” and what to expect at BIC 2018.

Sander also reveals a new format during this conference called the user sessions where invited BricsAD users will be able to share their experiences and shre their sweet spots with other users and the press. Steve Johnson of CAD nauseum has been entrusted with the job of interviewing key BricsCAD users and capturing some their interesting stories and fact bytes that are bot h inspirational as well as informative. This user interaction would be on Day 1 (23rd October) during the lunch break (13:30 hrs-14:30 hrs). If you have a great story to tell or an interesting fact byte to share, do let us know. Apply here and be part of BIC 2018 as a contributor.

 Do you want to speak about BricsCAD at the conference?

Tell us your story. Click here!!

And, while in London for the conference, Sanders reminds us to take a day or two out from our schedule and go around London. He has his official recommendation in his blog here. Read what Sander did in London in 48 hours.


Next Matt opens up a discussion on the very name BRICS-CAD, and how did this BRICS come to be. We are now joined by CEWO Erik de Keyser who is also part of this Un-plugged session and steps in to tell us more. A short interesting story as he said the inspiration for the name started with a Swedish friend’s company called TRICC (the really incredible computer company). Setting to think about a name, BRIC sounded close and soon enough he invented Building Related Interactive Computer Systems), as a short for BRICS. Interesting! I must admit that I did not know this either.

In response to a question about the founding of Bricssys, Erik then goes on to give s short backgound and history about the founders – how they started off with doing some development for Microstation in the early 90′s, and built the well-known TriForma product, sold it off and grew further. The company also entered the stock markets at that time and went public, but then came the infamous dot-com bust in 2000 and the team was again back to zero. They re-booted in 2002 and formed BRICSNET which eventually became Bricsys a few years later, and the rest is history.

With 178 people on board now, the company is growing at a rapid pace but the headcount is phenomenally lower than its major competitors who employ much more people. Erik is quick to add here that the key differentiator for Bricsys is the quality and motivational levels of its staff. Each one fits into the Bricsys DNA perfectly. “We ensure that during the selection process. We don’t stress people, stressed Erik” in response to a question about what makes the Bricsys DNA tick.


After Erik, it was Tjerk Gauderis, Head of R&D and Artifical Intelligence at Bricsys. He revealed a teaser that some cool new features have been created in BricsCAD V19 and this will be shown during the conference, but for now, we need to wait to see more. From who this statement comes from, it obvious that the new features have something to so with AI and machine learning  and not the regular new feature update of a CAD product in its next version. “Tjerk is a guy who thinks out of the box, having come from a non-CAD background, and firmly believes that AI can be trained to do better things for CAD, and that is what he is delivering on BricsCAD V19″, said Don Strimbu. Yet another reason why we should come to London next month.


The next one to speak was Luc de Batselier, CTO of Bricsys who explained the advances made by the Bricsys development team and one of the highlights was the fact that a software like CADWorx now works within BricsCAD, and this is no mean feat. The CADworx code-base is larger than the core BricsCAD code-base and the integration was smooth, not just for CADWorkx but also for GTStrudl and other software from Hexagon. Extra API functions for BIM will be avaialable in BricsCAD V19, said Luc.

Finally, Don Strimbu emphatically sends out this loud and clear message “If you have not yet downloaded and tried BricsCAD, what the heck are you doing out there?”

Great going and good luck guys!! Good luck Bricsys!!


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