BobCAD-CAM v33 SP1 Released

BobCAD-CAM v33 SP1 Released
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CLEARWATER, FL, USA, Oct 28, 2020 – BobCAD-CAM, the world leader in affordable & powerful CAD-CAM software, announces the release of BobCAD V33 Service Pack 1.



The first update for BobCAD-CAM V33 includes enhancements and corrections in the following areas:



  1.  Updated the file reading to allow SolidWorks 2021 files to be imported.



Mill 3 Axis Pro

  1.  Enhanced the Links page of the Steep Shallow operation to better align with the Links page of the other operations.

Wire EDM

  1. Updated the 4 Axis Wire operations to include an option to Force Vertical lead-out which is selected by default. In some instances, moving the wire to a vertical position at the end of the lead-out is not ideal. Deselecting this option will allow the operation to end at a taper angle matching that of the profile.


User Interface

  1. Corrected an issue which caused the Transfer License option to appear available when the network license was active.


  1. Corrected an issue which prevented the application from coming to the forefront when the local help was open on top of it.
  2. Corrected an issue which caused the network license dialog to appear after email registration for node-locked license.
  3. Corrected an issue which caused incorrect email to be sent back when transferring license via e-mail.


  1. Corrected an issue which prevented the sculpting dialog from appearing in the Data Entry Manager when the feature was selected.


  1. Corrected an issue which caused un-vectorized text to disappear when it was edited with Entity Modify and Undo was used to undo that edit.
  2. Corrected an issue which caused the measurement flags of the Measure Two function to update between files when used simultaneously between two open files.
  3. Corrected an issue which prevented two points from being selected in the Auto Dimension feature.



  1. Corrected an issue which caused a crash when a template was saved with invalid input.


  1. Corrected an issue which prevented the tool offset and diameter offset values from updating in the tool setter cycles when those values were updated for the tool.
  2. Corrected an issue which prevented bore / boss measure cycles from being selected by default when the cylindrical faces selected as geometry were not full cylinders.


Mill Express

Corrected the following issues with the user interface of the Tabs page.

  1. Issue which caused the first tab chain to receive focus when another tab was selected, if the check box of the selected tab were cleared.
  2. Issue which caused the Apply leads check box to be cleared when reopening the Mill 2 Axis Wizard.
  3. Issue which caused the toolpath to link directly over the tab area when Leads for tabs were applied.
  4. Issue which prevented the Machining Sequence from being updated for drilling operations after the operations were computed initially.
  5. Issue which caused creation of a milling feature, by selecting the feature from the Milling Ribbon, to work only once.
  6. Issue which prevented the center drill and chamfer drill from calculating autopeck correctly.
  7. Issue which caused an error when using a Mill Facing operation set to zero depth.
  8. Issue which prevented Pecking in the Plunge Entry method for the Parallel, Offset Pocket In, and Morph Spiral options of the Advanced Pocket.
  9. Issue with the Delta Y value box, of the Translate option in the Toolpath Pattern dialog, which allowed invalid entries, and prevented it from functioning as a calculator.
  10. Issue which caused the Top of Feature to be reset to zero when a feature was copy and pasted.
  11. Issue in which the Advanced Holes, Add Property, and Edit Property commands were not included in the Customize Ribbon and Customize Shortcuts pages of the Settings dialog.

Mill 3 Axis Pro

  1. Corrected an issue in which the Adaptive pattern of the Flatlands and Facing operations to be computed as an Offset pattern.
  2. Corrected an issue which allowed random screen positions to be selected for the linking start point in the Advanced Z Level Finish operation.

Mill 3 Axis Premium

  1. Corrected an issue in which geometry selected for the third gouge check was highlighted in the graphics area when the sub-folders of the Multi-axis operation are selected in the CAM Tree.

Mill 4 Axis Standard

  1. Corrected an issue which caused the Show Toolpath as Wrapped option to be selected when the Use Stock Diameter check box was selected.


  1. Corrected an issue that listed the default Tool Width of 0.125 for a custom groove insert which prevented toolpath creation in some cases.
  2. Corrected an issue which prevented toolpath from being created when the Constraints were set to From Stock and the selected geometry matched the stock diameter.
  3. Corrected an issue which showed Toolpath Pattern as an option in the context menu of the Group folder in the CAM Tree of a Lathe Job.


Simulation Standard

  1. Corrected an issue which caused the radius of tool inserts to appear choppy in simulation.



  1. Corrected an issue which prevented posted code from being visible in the Posting Manager tab while the tab was floating.
  2. Corrected an issue which caused the values output for stock diameter, and stock length to be swapped.

Corrected issues with the probing tool change blocks in the installed posts:

  1. Removed the coolant and spindle off codes from the tool change block and added them to the “end of op – tool change” block.
  2. Removed the diameter offset from the probe tool change blocks.
  3. Commented out codes in the tool setter blocks.

To download BobCAD-CAM v33 SP1, login into BobCAD Support . If you have any questions about V33 and how to download and install SP1 call 727-489-0003.

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