BIMobject Announces BIMscript Assembly Macro Open File Format for AEC, BIM

BIMobject Announces BIMscript Assembly Macro Open File Format for AEC, BIM
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MALMO, Sweden, Feb 12, 2018 – BIMobject announces the planned release of a new file format developed to ensure accurate reuse of information in the AEC industries, addressing the significant problem of unreliable data exchange. As a world first, the BIMscript Assembly Macro, or BAM format, will be a lightweight, open file format that will allow for communication with no data loss between BIM, CAD, and 3D softwares, and new devices for Augmented and Virtual Reality. The format will be implemented gradually in all BIMobject solutions.

With the creation of the new file format BIMscript Assembly Macro, or BAM, BIMobject responds to the industry-wide struggle to recreate and reuse information without corruption. Addressing this issue is a prerequisite in order for data to be reliable and for the construction industry to move forward. There is a need for a lightweight, intelligent open format that enables the continued workflow of product assemblies and configurations between professional design softwares for 3D, CAD, and BIM and new AR and VR devices. Given the increased use of AR-enabled smartphones and tablets, VR-headsets, and new AR-headsets like the Microsoft HoloLens, the problem of unreliable data is very likely to continue to grow unless addressed.

In releasing the BIMscript Assembly Macro, BIMobject takes another important step in creating a user-friendly, open, and unifying format for collaboration environments, encompassing the entire lifecycle of buildings and infrastructure.

“The BAM format is pure genius: simple in its form, but very clever. It will offer information exchange based on a real object-oriented and native file approach. That means no more loss of data, no big files, no problems with updates and versions. As an added benefit, it will allow for streaming of object geometry and attributes to any device or software. The BAM file will be the solution to a major problem in the world of BIM by ensuring more accurate assemblies for configuration, procurement, and detailed BIM for fabrication”, says Stefan Larsson, founder and CEO of BIMobject.

The BIMscript Assembly Macro will serve as an efficient multi-platform unifier, enabling BIMobject users to create assemblies of objects on any supported platform, and recreate the very same assembly on another platform, including new AR and VR environments. The BAM format will be released to the BIMobject BETA community and subsequently implemented gradually in all of the company’s solutions.

With the BAM format, BIMobject users will be able to create a wide variety of designs ranging from room setups to kitchens on a given platform, and then record and save their design to be re-edited or continued on another. For a designer, this might take the form of designing an entire office in fully immersive VR, utilising every object and its parametric data, and then moving the design into Revit or ARCHICAD to complete the project.

The BAM format will furthermore include the ability to generate take-offs and schedules in real-time when combined with the BIMobject solution BIMsupply®. The format will have a completely open cloud-based API, which lets third party developers further enhance and customise its functionality.

The format will work with all objects that are generated with BIMscript®, the company’s solution for parametric, multi-format content creation. Made accessible through the BIMobject Cloud, these objects are consistent between platforms. They will be regenerated and streamed from this central BIMobject platform when opened on a remote device, never storing more data than necessary in a truly object-oriented approach.

More than 10,000 products created with BIMscript® are available in the BIMobject® Cloud. BIMobject aims to accelerate product categories like design for kitchens, bathrooms, sanitary, interior, and furniture.

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