BIC 2017 Sales Partner Session: Erik, Mark & Sander Address Bricsys Partners

BIC 2017 Sales Partner Session: Erik, Mark & Sander Address Bricsys Partners
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Paris, France, Oct 24, 2017 -


On this wet & chilly morning, about 150 or so of us, sales partners of Bricsys from several countries are gathered at the Palais de Brongniart in Paris for the Sales Partner session: a  close-knit group of Bricsys management, country managers and resellers who have traveled from across the globe to listen to Bricsys management.






On a very positive note, Erik started off with a bit of history of BricsCAD and Bricsys, for the benefit a number of new faces that we see in the audience today.

“Bricsys is growing at a constant healthy rate Y-on-Y: good but not good enough”, says Erik de Keyser, as he sets an aggressive,  exponential growth target for us, in line with the potential and opportunity that .dwg CAD world presents.

“Bricsys 24/7, the rebranded Chapoo is gong to be integral to BricsCAD. BIM is a no-go if it is not accessible as BIM anywhere, and that is one of the focus of 24/7, to stay connected, and collaborate anywhere with your digital designs.” says Erik de Keyser.

We are going to see new (read higher) pricing models in place  going forward but Bricsys says it is committed to deliver value through its pricing mechanism. As the rollout of new features include embedded AI, VR and BIM-cloud, Bricsys is set to rock the .dwg world with its technology bouquet that is now recognized by industry as one that is leading the innovation in .dwg software.

Session 2: Sander Scheiris, Creative Marketing Director

As head of creative content, brand management and communications in Bricsys, Sander Scheiris highlighted the new procedures and practices being put in place by Bricsys to stay better connected to its partner network and customers. As the company grows in its user-base and geographic reach, it is a necessity now to have their automated systems, led by BOA, offer the maximum information and collaboration possibilities to its network.

Session 3: Mark Van den Bergh, COO


“We are innovating in the .dwg space. Technology is good, but bringing it to the product is a challenge.” said Marck Van den Bergh in his morning address to the group.

“19% of the AEC market is on BIM. The remaining 81% is an opportunity waiting to make the transition and choice. BricsCAD BIM offers that familiar migration choice in the same platform.” is the key message Mark has for us today.

Selling BIM is a completely different sales pitch. And this is what we as resellers need to learn, adapt and educate our partners and clients. Bricsys is hiring BIM product specialists who really understand the technology.

In the last and final session, we get to see some key financial numbers that are confidential and not for public consumption. The numbers look very attractive though!!

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