What is Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD)?

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is the utilization of applied physics, mathematics, and computational programming to imagine how a gas or fluid streams and also how the gas or liquid affects objects as it streams past. Computational Fluid Dynamics depends on the Navier-Stokes equations. These equations depict how the speed, weight, temperature, and thickness of a moving liquid are connected.

There is a wide range of factors that play a part in fluid flow applications as designs are complex. Utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) give users the ability to simulate the product’s execution under a wide array of working conditions. This gives engineers an understanding of the pressure, flow and warm characteristics of their product in order to ensure performance and reliability.

This quest inspired history’s greatest minds to develop the science of Fluid Dynamics and it’s equations.
(∂(ρU))/∂t+div(ρUU)=-∂ρ/∂x+div(μ grad U)+[-∂(ρ(u ̀^2 ) ̅ )/∂x-∂(ρ (u ́v ́ ) ̅ )/∂y-∂(ρ (u ́w ́ ) ̅ )/∂y]+S_Mx (∂(ρU))/∂t+div(ρUU)=-∂ρ/∂x+div(μ grad U)+[-∂(ρ(u ̀^2 ) ̅ )/∂x-∂(ρ (u ́v ́ ) ̅ )/∂y-∂(ρ (u ́w ́ ) ̅ )/∂y]+S_Mx
(∂(ρV))/∂t+div(ρVU)=-∂ρ/∂y+div(μ grad V)+[-∂(ρ (u ́v ́ ) ̅ )/∂x-∂(ρ(v ̀^2 ) ̅ )/∂y-∂(ρ (u ́w ́ ) ̅ )/∂z]+S_My (∂(ρW))/∂t+div(ρWU)=-∂ρ/∂z+div(μ grad W)+[-∂(ρ (u ́w ́ ) ̅ )/∂x-∂(ρ (u ́v ́ ) ̅ )/∂y-∂(ρ(w ̀^2 ) ̅ )/∂z] +S_Mz
(∂(ρW))/∂t+div(ρWU)=-∂ρ/∂z+div(μ grad W)+[-∂(ρ (u ́w ́ ) ̅ )/∂x-∂(ρ (u ́v ́ ) ̅ )/∂y-∂(ρ(w ̀^2 ) ̅ )/∂z] +S_Mz (∂(ρW))/∂t+div(ρWU)=-∂ρ/∂z+div(μ grad W)+[-∂(ρ (u ́w ́ ) ̅ )/∂x-∂(ρ (u ́v ́ ) ̅ )/∂y-∂(ρ(w ̀^2 ) ̅ )/∂z] +S_Mz
(∂(ρ∅))/∂t+div(ρ∅U)=div(ℶ_∅ grad ∅)+[-∂(ρ (u ́φ ́ ) ̅ )/∂x-∂(ρ (v ́φ ́ ) ̅ )/∂y-∂(ρ (w ́φ ́ ) ̅ )/∂z]+S_∅ (∂(ρU))/∂t+div(ρUU)=-∂ρ/∂x+div(μ grad U)+[-∂(ρ(u ̀^2 ) ̅ )/∂x-∂(ρ (u ́v ́ ) ̅ )/∂y-∂(ρ (u ́w ́ ) ̅ )/∂y]
Extremely difficult to solve and complex which cannot be solved by hand
Software Revolution:
• That uses methods and algorithms to predict
• How the liquids and gases behave ?
• How they work with the product we design ?

In the design world we call this COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS
What can you do with CFD Analysis?
• Challenges can be solved before they turn into serious problems
• Evaluate product performance
• Complements actual engineering testing
• Helps understand defects, problems and issues in product/process
• Enable higher quality product
• Reduces engineering testing costs
• Avoid costly prototype testing
• Provides comprehensive data not easily obtainable from experimental tests

Why should you use CFD analysis?
• Fluid affects the performance of almost every device and structure
• Fluids are always a serious factor
– It takes energy to move a car or to pump water through a pipeline
– By understanding the forces that effects the fluid dynamics
– You can make critical design decision that reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

Risk Reduction:
Products vehicles and structures often fail due to miscalculations or judgment error of fluid behavior.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation solution has been intensively use for the applications like:

1.      Internal Flow Analysis – Valve, Pumps, Compressors, turbines etc

2.      Flow Control Devices

3.      External Flow Analysis – Aerospace, Marine, Automotive

4.      Heat Transfer & Electronic Cooling for PCB’s, Fans

5.      HVAC

6.      Radiation Analysis for Lighting Industries            

Read the detailed story on application of SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation in various industries.

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