Bentley Systems’ CONNECTION Events Held in Delhi & Hyderabad Draw 400+ Attendees

Bentley Systems’ CONNECTION Events Held in Delhi & Hyderabad Draw 400+ Attendees

May 27, 2016: Bentley Systems, Incorporated, a leading provider of software solutions for advancing infrastructure, held its CONNECTION Events in Delhi & Hyderabad on 3rd& 5th May respectively and drew over 400 infrastructure professionals from the regions. Attendees learned about the CONNECT Edition, Bentley’s common environment to comprehensively support the delivery of infrastructure projects. The common environment unifies work across the entire project ecosystem and over the full lifecycle of the project. The result is improved performance, with infrastructure projects being delivered on time, on budget, and with less risk.The CONNECT Edition comprises a comprehensive modeling environment, common performance environment, and common data environment,while leveraging the Microsoft Azure cloud service,and supporting a hybrid environment that includes on-premise servers, desktop applications, and mobile apps.


Bythe end of this information-rich, one-day event, attendees were able to return to their respective organizations with an in-depth understanding of how this next generation of infrastructure engineering software provides a purposefully connected environment to improve the performance of infrastructure projects and assets from design through construction and operations.


Keynote: Advancing Infrastructure

Mr. Kaushik Chakraborty, Vice President &Regional Executive, Asia South at Bentley Systems, delivered the keynote addressAdvancingInfrastructure. The presentation included a brief overviewof the company’s 30 years of cumulative BIM advancements that have enabled its users to more comprehensively deliver their projects, as well as to enhance the performance of the assets being designed, built, and operated.

In discussing the CONNECT Edition, Mr. Chakrabortyexplained how the CONNECT Edition enables organizations and enterprises, including the supply chain beyond your organizational firewalls, to “connect” their projects to a greater degree than was ever possible. He spoke on the convergence of project delivery and operations, and how connecting assets is critical to improving asset performance and how reality modeling is connecting the real world to the virtual world.


Mr. Chakraborty also acknowledged the enthusiastic participation of India-based users in Bentley’s annual Be Inspired Awards program last year. Of the total 350, 68 user projects were nominated from India. His keynote presentation also featured four most innovative project profilesfrom Indiawhich were selected as thewinners and finalists in their respective categories.


Highlighted projects included:

  1. Detailed Design of Utility Infrastructure of an International Headquarter and Jain SRM Ashram at Dharampur, India by TATA Consulting Engineers Ltd. (2015 Winner in ‘Innovation in Land Development’ category)
  2. Tyseley Resource Recovery Centre, UK by MWH Global, Pune(2015 Winner in ‘Innovation in Power Generation’ category)
  3. Dholera SIR by AECOM (2015 Finalist in‘Innovation in Megaprojects’ category)
  4. Detailed design of infrastructure at Wave Hi Tech & Green Tech: an emerging beacon for BIM_4_Water, India by AECOM India Pvt. Ltd. (2015 Finalist in ‘Innovation in Water Network Analysis’ category)

The keynote addresscontinued with a roundup of enhancements to its existing software and key acquisitions and advancements thatexpand Bentley’s capabilities. The release of new ConstructSim products, for example, enables users to gain visibility into the path of construction using advanced work packaging best practices.ConstructSim Planner simplifies the WorkFaceplanning process using a virtual construction model, while ConstructSim Work Package Server combines real-time construction information with automated work packaging to increase project visibility, improve productivity, and reduce costs. With the new releases, Bentley has made a major advancement into construction modeling, which progresses the design model with construction sequencing, craft assignments, and materials procurement status – improving project performance, reliability, and safety.


Bentley’s next advancement, reality modeling, which can be applied not only to the project but across the entire asset lifecycle, began with the acquisition of ContextCapture. Through reality modeling, observations of existing conditions using digital photographs provide context for design modeling and construction modeling workflows. Bentley advanced its reality modeling capabilities further with the acquisition LumenRT– for “visual optioneering,” with real-time, immersive interaction, enlivening infrastructure environments with rich libraries of dynamic content. Lastly, the acquisition of AssetWise Amulet– for industrial-scale predictive and prescriptive analytics – advanced Bentley’s AssetWise solution from reliability-centered maintenance and risk-based inspection to asset performance modeling.


Mr. Chakraborty ended the keynote by saying, “The common data environment represents our strategy to help you further advance infrastructure.And the core value of this connectivity is the ability to leverage digital engineering models throughout the infrastructure lifecycle –from design and engineering, through construction, and into operations – for better performing projects and assets.”


Best of all, with the CONNECT Edition, users in the AECO community don’t have to start all over again. The CONNECT Edition allows them to use their existing Bentley software and services in whatever hybrid computing environments they are currently employing.They can now connect comprehensively across their project through the Azure cloud. They also can connect to other environments and enterprise environments with i-models for project deliverables coming in and going out, and add the field environment for their devices via Bentley Apps. Moreover, users can introduce this new technology in stages of advancement, at a pace with which they are comfortable, thereby making the transition seamless in terms of their existing workflows.

ProjectWise for Comprehensive Work sharing

With the CONNECT Edition, ProjectWise extends beyond design coordination to comprehensive work sharing, empowering the project team to collaborate throughout the entire project delivery lifecycle. Mr. Ganesh Deshmukh, Senior A. E., explored how ProjectWise CONNECT Edition advances project information management and collaboration to virtualize talent and secure all supply chain communications by providing a common environment for comprehensive project delivery that improves how you design, build, and collaborate on projects. Attendees heard about the latest technology enhancements designed to help them shorten approval cycles and ensure data integrity with increased transparency throughout the project delivery lifecycle.

Advancing Project Delivery

In the final presentation of the morning, Mr. Amit Shrivastava, Technical Director, Platform & Mobility, provided an update on technology and capability advancements for specific Bentley software applications. He reinforced the message of “convergence” emphasized in the keynote and expanded on how Bentley Could Services enables increased depth of information modeling and increased breadth of information mobility.

Mr. Shrivastavawalked conference attendees through Bentley advancements fordesign modeling, analytical modeling, construction modeling, reality modeling, and asset performance modeling, citing along the way key acquisitions that brought new capabilities to each of these. Notableconcepts discussed wereengineering content management, advanced work packaging, optioneering, and scenario services.

In the afternoon, attendees participated in product-focused seminars where Bentley subject matter experts and application engineers demonstrated the benefits of some of Bentley’s most popular software applications, discussing local industry trends and highlighting best practices and the latest technologies to improve your project delivery and information management.


In Delhi andHyderabad, the featured topics were: Structural Analysis, Civil Design, Reality Modeling, Geospatial, and Pipe Stress & Vessel Analysis.


About Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems is a global leader in providing architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure. Bentley users leverage information mobility across disciplines and throughout the infrastructure lifecycle to deliver better-performing projects and assets. Bentley solutions encompass MicroStation applications for information modeling,ProjectWise collaboration services to deliver integrated projects, and AssetWise operations services to achieve intelligent infrastructure – complemented by worldwide professional services and comprehensive managed services.

Founded in 1984, Bentley has more than 3,000 colleagues in over 50 countries, more than $600 million in annual revenues, and since 2008 has invested more than $1 billion in research, development, and acquisitions. Additional information about Bentley is available at

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