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Autodesk Inventor HSM Express – Free CAM Software

Autodesk Inventor HSM Express – Free CAM Software

Autodesk Inventor HSM Express is a free CAM solution that is seamlessly integrated inside the design environment of Autodesk Inventor software.


  • Same 64-bit, multi-core HSM CAM Kernel as Inventor HSM
  • Industry leading toolpath quality for Basic Milling Machining including 2D Roughing and Pocketing, Drilling, Facing, Contouring, and more
  • Support for form tools including ability to automatically import Inventor Part Files as Form Tools
  • Integrated 64-bit, Multi-core Simulation with toolpath/solid forward, reverse material removal
  • Incredibly fast 64-bit JavaScript-based Post Processor System including many generic posts
  • Industry leading CNC program editor with file compare, math ops, backplotter, and communications

Check details – (Toolpath Strategies, Contouring, Pocketing & Drilling and Hole Making) – http://cam.autodesk.com/get-inventor-hsm-express/


Check Release Note and Differences with

  • Inventor HSM
  • Inventor HSM Pro



Download now – (Free Registration required) – http://cam.autodesk.com/get-inventor-hsm-express/

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