Autodesk Buzzsaw Mobile

Autodesk Buzzsaw Mobile


Autodesk Buzzsaw Mobile app is designed for iPhone and iPad. The app provides Autodesk Buzzsaw collaboration software users with more secure, remote access and exchange of building project information.

Buzzsaw Mobile enables users to view DWF files, standard office documents and images, as well as upload project photos to a designated Buzzsaw project site.

Buzzsaw Mobile helps iPhone and iPad users view DWF files, view and save project and standard office documents for offline viewing, and upload project photos directly to a cloud-based Buzzsaw project site. Other mobile access options for Buzzsaw data include using AutoCAD WS for iPad and iPhone to access any DWG file managed on a Buzzsaw project site. Users can then view, edit and save changes back to the Buzzsaw project site. In addition to Buzzsaw Mobile and AutoCAD WS, mobile users may also access Buzzsaw files directly from a growing ecosystem of mobile productivity apps that allow more secure access to Buzzsaw using the industry standard WebDAV protocol.

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