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I am working as a Specification Writer in a CAD software development company Graebert GmbH. I am a graduate Mechanical Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering, University of Delhi, India followed by double MBA in Operations and International Marketing. I am using CAD software since 1997. I occasionally write for CAD tips and tricks. I am AutoCAD 2013 certified professional.
ARES Commander 2015 Service Pack 1
0 comments, 05/06/2015, by in ARES, Tutorial

Good news for every CAD user. A new version of ARES© Commander is available. New Features and Improvements Window OS: Performance is improved for zooming and panning. Improved menus appearance when application window is resized. Improved performance of the CLIPBOARDCOPY command for gradi... Read more...

ARES Commander Mouse Gestures
0 comments, 16/05/2015, by in ARES, Tutorial

ARES commander 2015 has very useful feature Mouse Gestures which is making this software different in 2D category. You can map up to eight commands to mouse gestures from the Mouse Gestures dialog box. It’s very simple to use this: You can use mouse gestures by right-dragging in the graphi... Read more...

ARES Commander Options Toolbar
0 comments, 01/03/2015, by in ARES, Tutorial

ARES Commander Offers a unique way to display command option in a toolbar known as “Options Toolbar”. The Options Toolbar displays context sensitive options you can select when executing a command. It displays only those options that are available at the current prompt.    ... Read more...

ARES Commander Command History
0 comments, 23/01/2015, by in ARES, Tutorial

You can open the command history in a separate window on top of the graphics area. You can check the sequence of command and values entered in the applications. This can be very useful for creating a script. Command: CommandHistory Menu: View > Display > Command History   ... Read more...

ARES Commander Command Window
0 comments, 23/01/2015, by in ARES, Tutorial

Command window is the place from where we communicate with application. We give input and application returns messages, indications, or warnings. Command window is by default available at bottom part of graphical area. You can control the display and location of this window. In this blog we will lea... Read more...

ARES Commander Function Keys
0 comments, 22/12/2014, by in ARES, Tutorial

Today we’re going to talk about a feature that has been within ARES Commander from the beginning. You probably know about Function keys and you might be using some of them. But we’re going to take expedition to all these keys. And I’m going to convince you that using them is going to make y... Read more...