ARES Kudo – Online CAD for DWG Editing

ARES Kudo – Online CAD for DWG Editing
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The ARES Trinity of CAD Software combines the best of what each platform has to offer: Desktop, Mobile and Cloud are combined into a unique user experience generating high synergies across all your devices.

ARES Kudo is our cloud based solution. It makes it easy for you to access your drawings on any device as ARES Kudo runs in your internet browser. It includes similar CAD features but it is not specifically aiming at replacing ARES Commander, the goal is rather to bring the agility of the cloud to ARES Commander and ARES Touch.

Through our usual browser, we can access ARES Kudo. From CLOUD STORAGE we can connect more cloud storage services. In this way ARES Kudo becomes a “hub” that allows us to search, any file, within the cloud storage services that we have open.

If we want, we can even create a new drawing. We choose the corresponding template
and enter a name, and click CREATE. Although in this case, we will cancel, to try another function.

While we can create a folder, in this case we will upload an existing file. In this way we are loading a DWG file, to our folder in the cloud. In this example the file is uploaded to BOX, Next, we can open it in ARES Kudo and edit it, directly online.

In ARES Kudo we find in the toolbar some basic editing or creation tools. We may for example create rectangles, lines or arcs. You can also enter commands from the keyboard or find more features from the “hamburger menu”.

See for example how we can make a symmetry. It works just the same as CAD users have always been used to. It is worth remembering that if we make changes to the file that we open in ARES Kudo,it will automatically be updated when we are going to open it in ARES Commander or ARES Touch.

Let’s open the same drawing in ARES Commander. This palette on the right is powered by ARES Kudo. Your files follow you on any computer and you can make sure it is always the latest version

Unlike ARES Kudo that is running in the Cloud, ARES Commander is fully installed on your computer. It is more comfortable for your main computers. You can work offline on DWG drawings, and have more features, for example the 3D features. I have now done a few more modifications and save the project. You see on the right that the file is being synchronized with ARES Kudo.

Now let’s come back to ARES Kudo and we see it is live updated. I take the opportunity to show you that ARES Kudo offers also a great feature to share the project with external people in a very secured way.

Let’s open this view-only URL in another session. Nothing to install, your contact will just see the project online in his Internet Browser and it will be live updated when we make modifications.

We keep also full control and can cut access at any time. Let’s check it by going back to the incognito window that we had open. It can be seen that we no longer have access to the project’s visualization.

To know more about ARES Kudo, and get a free trial of ARES Kudo, do not forget to visit our website

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