ARES Commander 2015 Service Pack 1

ARES Commander 2015 Service Pack 1
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Good news for every CAD user. A new version of ARES© Commander is available. New Features and Improvements Window OS:

  1. Performance is improved for zooming and panning.
  2. Improved menus appearance when application window is resized.
  3. Improved performance of the CLIPBOARDCOPY command for gradients.
  4. Enhanced the visibility of selected sheet tabs.
  5. Improved quality of exported tiff images.
  6. ATTACHDRAWING command performs better for AEC objects files.
  7. Cursor display with crosshair is improved.
  8. SPLIT command behavior improved for 2D polylines.
  9. Display problem of diameter dimension symbols is improved.
  10. POWERTRIM command improved functionality to trim edges of polylines.
  11. Better visual quality of pasted OLE data when zoomed in.
  12. Stability improvements for editing of pasted OLE objects in Microsoft Word.

Mac OS X:

  1. Docked UI mode style is improved.

I am sure you will use find these updates useful. Feel free to post your experience and queries. You can download the ARES Commander edition from Tip: Before installing the new version, please uninstall your previous version using the Uninstall feature of your operating system. ARES Commander is a product from Graebert GmbH.  Graebert GmbH is a leading developer of custom CAD software, solutions and services and has over 30 years of technology expertise… Disclaimer: I work as Specification Writer for Graebert GmbH and occasionally write for CAD -Tips and Tricks.

Guest Post by Mr. Amit Kumar

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