ANSYS Granta Launches MI: Materials Gateway v6 for NX

ANSYS Granta Launches MI: Materials Gateway v6 for NX
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CAMBRIDGE, UK, Jul 5, 2019 – At Siemens Realize event in Detroit in June, ANSYS Granta launched a new user experience for accessing materials data and ensuring accurate materials assignment within CAD. The new MI: Materials Gateway for NX is the first to use Version 6 of the MI: Materials Gateway integration technology, which embeds access to corporate materials information systems within third-party CAD and CAE systems. Developed in close collaboration with key customers, the new tool offers faster performance, a simplified assignment workflow, better interaction with the CAD model, and an attractive new look and feel that will soon be rolled out across all GRANTA MI apps.


Materials-Gateway-for-NX-Version-6MI:Materials Gateway for NX Version 6 (the inset window) running within NX


Product designers want certainty that they are specifying the right material when they build or modify a CAD model. And they need access to the right property data about those materials – for example, density to support weight roll-up calculations, or mechanical properties for stress analysis. The GRANTA MI system ensures consistency in an assignment and fast access to accurate data. It enables companies to create a single ‘gold source’ database for their materials information, ensuring that all of their product engineering teams draw on the same source of data. CAD users employ the MI: Materials Gateway app within their chosen CAD system to search this database, assign materials to parts in the CAD model, and find associated property information.

New features in this release for NX users include:

  1. Fast workflows for working on single parts or assemblies: click on the model to open the Gateway app via a contextual menu; the app will identify the selected part, body, or assembly you can assign a material straight away
  2. A new split-screen display within the app keeps the part(s) that you are working on visible while you interact with the GRANTA MI database
  3. The redesigned navigation bar gives clearer feedback and faster switching between functions
  4. The user interface look and feel has been optimized based on user feedback.

These and other changes make it much easier to ensure reliable materials assignment in just a few clicks, enabling the designer to focus on their key design tasks and providing the organization with more confidence in a robust design process. Future releases with delivering the benefits of MI:Materials Gateway version 6 for more CAD and CAE environments.

More on the GRANTA MI:Product Engineering solution.

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Granta is the materials information technology, experts. The company develops market-leading software for managing materials and process information in engineering enterprises and a series of tools for applying that data to key materials and product design decisions. Granta serves sectors as diverse as aerospace, defense, energy, medical devices, automotive, motorsports, manufacture of consumer and industrial equipment, materials production, and publishing. Customers realize multi-million dollar benefits in reduced cost, enhanced product performance, improved quality, and faster design turnaround. Granta was founded in 1994 as a spinout from the University of Cambridge and the work of Professors Mike Ashby and David Cebon. For more information, visit Follow @GrantaDesign on Twitter.

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