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ANSYS, Granta Join to Empower Additive Manufacturing

ANSYS, Granta Join to Empower Additive Manufacturing

CAMBRIDGE, UK, Oct 8, 2018 - Engineers and scientists can now effectively manage and leverage materials information for additive manufacturing (AM) thanks to a new partnership between ANSYS (NASDAQ: ANSS) and Granta Design.

Accurate, reliable, and traceable materials information is crucial for additive manufacturing. The combination of ANSYS’ powerful simulation for metal powder bed AM with Granta’s existing GRANTA MI: Materials Gateway for ANSYS Workbench offers an integrated set of workflows for AM data capture, simulation, and optimization. That enables users to directly access and use validated materials data stored in their GRANTA MI corporate materials database while working in ANSYS Workbench. Users can quickly apply accurate, traceable input data, saving time and increasing confidence in simulation results. The companies are also working to connect ANSYS Additive Print to GRANTA MI.

“ANSYS is known for the accuracy and robustness of our simulation tools. By partnering with Granta, the experts in materials information management, we are helping to assure that ANSYS AM solutions will not only become more efficient but more accurate and reliable over the years to come,” said Brent Stucker, director of additive manufacturing, ANSYS.

“Our collaboration with ANSYS will help organizations working towards AM parts get it right the first time,” said David Cebon, managing director and co-founder, Granta Design. “By integrating physical and virtual methods and data relating to AM, we can help to dramatically reduce the time and number of builds required to produce parts with the required properties.”

About Granta Design Ltd. 

Granta is the materials information technology, experts. The company develops market-leading software for managing materials and process information in engineering enterprises and a series of tools for applying that data to key materials and product design decisions. Granta serves sectors as diverse as aerospace, defense, energy, medical devices, automotive, motorsports, manufacture of consumer and industrial equipment, materials production, and publishing. Customers realize multi-million dollar benefits in reduced cost, enhanced product performance, improved quality, and faster design turnaround. Granta was founded in 1994 as a spinout from the University of Cambridge and the work of Professors Mike Ashby and David Cebon. For more information, visit https://www.grantadesign.com. Follow @GrantaDesign on Twitter.

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