An Interview with Brandon Liu, Regional Manager World Sales of CoreTech Systems (Moldex3D)

An Interview with Brandon Liu, Regional Manager World Sales of CoreTech Systems (Moldex3D)

created on: 08/09/11


created on: 08/09/11


Brandon Liu Regional Manager World Sales for CoreTech System Co., Ltd. Taiwan. The company provides professional CAE analysis solution “Moldex3D” series for the plastic injection molding industry. The CoreTech is company with original ideas trying to give best possible tool for the plastics injection molding industry, with the best-in-class analysis technology.

The company now has very good presence in India, and lots of efforts are taken to promote Moldex3D through various events and other channels. Last week in SolidWorks Design Validation Day 2011 in Pune, India, I got opportunity to know more about the Moldex3D and was lucky to get chance to speak Brandon Liu, Now it is my great pleasure to share with you what I found about company, and their vision. Here is the interview.

Brandon, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your company?

Sure, I am the regional manager for Moldex3D, majored in industrial design and started to work in automotive industry after graduated.

I joined CoreTech few years back, and now take care of both technical support and business development in SAARC and ASEAN region, especially India and Malaysia.

CoreTech was founded in 1995 with the vision to provide a fully integrated solution and the high quality service to meet customers’ specific needs. Today, the Moldex3D line of products is sold broadly around the world and we are Asia’s biggest provider of CAE simulation software for injection molding.

What is Moldex3D series?

We have developed very unique and reliable range of products under the title ‘Moldex3D’ which includes, “eXplorer” a CAD-embedded product that allows CAD users to perform quick filling analysis for designing better plastic parts.

A suite of tools called “eDesign” to simulate your part and mold design before manufacturing starts. Then, “eDesignSYNC” is an eDesign interface fully embedded in CAD software to bring a seamless workflow from design to Moldex3D simulation. And we have our advance engineering simulation tool “Solid/Shell” for in-depth analysis of the molding processes.

created on: 08/09/11

Which is the best selling tool from Moldex3D series?

Moldex3D eDesign is most popular and best selling tool, Moldex3D/eDesign’s automatic meshing technology generates high quality 3D mesh automatically. It is very easy for CAD users to setup analysis with just few clicks. The tool is capable identifying potential molding problems like short shots, air traps, weld lines, warpage etc. Moldex3D eDesign supports parallel computing technology to reduce analysis time and is capable of automatic report generation.

Which main stream CAD packages are supported?

Interesting that you ask this question. Moldex3D tools are fully embedded tool for mainstream CAD like Creo Parametric, SolidWorks and NX and soon be available for the other CAD software. It supports IGES, STEP and STL file format.

How do you see India as a market?

The Indian market is fascinating because it offers significant opportunities with its increased economic development and industrialization. Projects, especially in the areas of Automobile – all major brands are having their manufacturing plants in India – as well as telecommunications, water conservation, utilities, energy, agriculture equipments, toys and house hold products are all on the rise.

We also understand that each market segment is different. While we address our targeted market segments through a suite of solutions, we also believe that we may find new segments that have more critical needs to apply Moldex3D’s core technologies.

How do you serve the Indian Industry through resellers’ network?

Committed to provide the advanced technologies and solution for industrial demands, we started in India around seven years back by appointing one reseller. In 2009, we had major expansion by adding few more resellers in various parts of India.Today, our partners are with good training, service, and support facility to sustain future growth and support the customer long term.

Our team from Taiwan along with reseller’s team provides the training required by customer in specific domain. And, we also have good online tech support for our customers.

What would you like to say to DailyCADCAM users and professionals from India?

We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm expressed by CAE specialists and future users from India. We are constantly pursuing the best performance of simulation technology. Please don’t hesitate to discuss with the Moldex3D authorized resellers and support staffs near you.

I would like to thank Brandon Liu for taking the time to answer my questions. If you have any questions on Moldex3D or DailyCADCAM, please write on the mail ids given below and we will be glad to answer.



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