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Ampower Picks Simufact Additive to Offer Metal AM Simulation Services

Ampower Picks Simufact Additive to Offer Metal AM Simulation Services

HAMBURG, Germany, Jul 10, 2018 - The software company Simufact Engineering, an MSC Software company, and the consulting firm Ampower work together in the field of simulation for metal-based additive manufacturing.




The aim of the cooperation is to increase the use of the advantages of the simulation of additive manufacturing processes, widely known as 3D printing. Ampower uses the Simufact Additive software solution to provide targeted support to its customers in the early stages of product development through to optimizing production, thereby leveraging the enormous potential of additive manufacturing. The new offer helps companies to draw comprehensive conclusions from the simulation of their additive manufacturing process even without knowledge of the software. The insights gained from the simulation are incorporated in the optimization of 3D printing and thus help to massively reduce production costs and at the same time increase the quality of the components.

Michael Wohlmuth, Managing Director of Simufact Engineering says: “Part distortion induced due to residual stresses is one of the biggest challenges in metal-based additive manufacturing processes. Simufact Additive helps the user to predict the consequences of residual stresses. Often distortions are compensated accordingly with an adjustment of the manufacturing data so that the manufacturing tolerances are met and rejects avoided. With Ampower as a partner, we have gained a team of experts in Additive Manufacturing, helping us to further develop our software solution to meet new market needs.”

Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Munsch, partner and co-founder of Ampower, explains: “Additive manufacturing for metal components is a technology that is already indispensable in many industries today. Nevertheless, users are constantly confronted with the high complexity of the process and are looking for solutions to sustainably reduce them. Simufact Additive enables us to detect distortions and part defects even before the actual construction process and to counteract these by targeted optimization. This helps us to help our customers avoid high costs and time-consuming trials.”

Additive manufacturing is one of the biggest topics for the future in metalworking industries. The process enables metal components to be “printed” directly from digital data within a very short time. In addition, the new process allows designs that could not be realized with previous production methods. For example, individual implants and dental prostheses are already manufactured using 3D printing.

About Ampower

Ampower is a leading and independent consultancy specialized in industrial Additive Manufacturing. Ampower advises their clients on the introduction of Additive Manufacturing. This is achieved by a specialized training program, the identification, and development of Additive Manufacturing parts, as well as the implementation and qualification of internal and external machine capacity. The company is based in Hamburg, Germany.

About Simufact

Simufact Engineering – an MSC Software company – is a global operating software company providing process simulation solutions and services to manufacturing industries. More than 20 years’ experience with providing simulation solutions for the design and optimization of manufacturing techniques in metal processing and a dynamically growing customer base exceeding the number of 800 customers have made the Hamburg (Germany) headquartered company a leader in this business area. The software primarily aims at the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, aerospace industry and their respective suppliers. Typical fields of application for Simufact software are hot forging, cold forming, sheet metal forming, rolling, ring rolling, open die forging, mechanical joining, heat treatment, different welding processes, and additive manufacturing. For more information, visit simufact.com and follow us @Simufact.

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