AMC Bridge Releases AsBuilt v2 for SOLIDWORKS

AMC Bridge Releases AsBuilt v2 for SOLIDWORKS
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WALTHAM, MA, USA, Apr 5, 2019 - Quality control automation of the manufactured parts is an important issue in the industry. Continuing the research of opportunities that 3D scanning presents to address this issue, AMC Bridge released the improved version of AsBuilt for SOLIDWORKS technology demonstration.

Apart from the ability to import, compare, and visualize the point cloud model with mesh or BRep models, AsBuilt 2.0 allows the user to align the point cloud with the model designed in SOLIDWORKS or corresponding mesh model. The alignment is done using the automatic algorithm or points selected by the user.

Watch this demo video to see AsBuilt for SOLIDWORKS in action.

If you are interested in a tool customized or enhanced for your needs, we’ll be glad to discuss your requirements with you.

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