Allplan Bridge 2019-1 Released for Bridge Construction

Allplan Bridge 2019-1 Released for Bridge Construction
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MUNICH, Germany, Apr 29, 2019 – ALLPLAN announces the next version of its BIM solution for bridge construction, Allplan Bridge 2019-1. The software supports engineers in all planning phases, from the initial concept to construction. It is specially designed to meet the requirements of bridge design, especially for reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and composite bridges. Input via parametric values helps to develop the optimum solution, reduce planning times and save costs. The new version contains other important functions for smooth processes, such as the definition of the construction sequence, effortless positioning of standardized and repetitive profiles such as longitudinal stiffeners for steel and composite cross-sections and numerous other detail improvements.


In Allplan Bridge, the construction process can also be defined for the first time. The construction plan is divided into several construction phases and tasks. Copyright: ALLPLAN Infrastructure


The calculation of cross-section values is currently available as a Technical Preview in Allplan Bridge.
Copyright: ALLPLAN Infrastructure


“The consideration of the fourth dimension as well as the exact reproduction of the bridge construction model during the construction process form the basis for the precise, non-linear calculation of bridges. With Allplan Bridge 2019-1, we have set a milestone for bridge construction analysis. This allows us to combine the geometric with the analytical model,” says Vanja Samec, Managing Director of ALLPLAN Infrastructure.

New in Allplan Bridge 2019-1

Integration of the fourth dimension

In Allplan Bridge 2019-1, it is now possible for the first time to map the construction process in a 4D model. The construction plan is first divided into several construction phases and then into individual tasks such as concrete hardening, tendon stressing or activating the self-weight. The corresponding components are interactively assigned to the tasks. In this way, the temporal dimension is linked to the structure. With this information, the construction process can be graphically visualized. Thus, complex construction processes can be made transparent for all parties involved.

With Allplan Bridge 2019-1, it is also possible to create several different construction plans for the same bridge for a variant comparison. The result is a reliable parametric 4D bridge model. Once the construction is completed in Allplan Bridge, the model is transferred to Allplan Engineering, where further steps such as detailing, reinforcement and plan creation are carried out.

Technical Preview to Analysis: Calculation of cross-section values

The calculation of cross-sectional values is an essential step in the generation of an analysis model. All cross-section values, as well as the shear forces for the defined cross-sections, are calculated automatically as soon as the corresponding calculation option is activated. This function is currently available as Technical Preview. All types and any geometries of cross-sections are supported. The stiffness matrix of the individual beam elements is automatically created considering the calculated cross-section values, beam geometry and material properties.

Modeling of composite and steel bridges

When defining the cross-section, standardized and repetitive profiles such as longitudinal stiffeners for steel and composite cross-sections can be easily positioned parametrically. The profile is first defined parametrically in a separate section or imported from the user library. The position and number of elements are then defined and automatically placed along a cross-section edge.


Allplan Bridge 2019-1 is now available for download.

Further information: WWW.ALLPLAN.COM/BRIDGE.


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