Agency9 Offers Free Global 3D World in CityPlanner

Agency9 Offers Free Global 3D World in CityPlanner

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Sep 8, 2017 – Agency9, famous for its technology in large scale streaming and 3D visualisation solutions, announces the release of free global 3D terrain and buildings in CityPlanner – its cloud solution for collaborative urban planning on the web.


citiplannerOSM 3D in CityPlanner


“Agency9 currently serves many customers with web-based 3D visualisation tools in CityPlanner. With the release of the free global 3D world in CityPlanner, we aim to further stimulate users transition to 3D using modern planning paradigms – as well as lower the financial hurdle of adopting such services. Bundling free 3D data with the service allows any city in the world to start using CityPlanner instantly, without the lead time of acquiring data.”  says Håkan Engman, CEO Agency9 AB.

CityPlanner represents a new generation of 3D tools for the preparation of plans, project communication, and citizen dialogue in smart cities. CityPlanner is presently used by many cities for urban planning, promotion, GIS presentation, and crowdsourcing. The free global 3D model has a terrain based on open satellite data and LOD1 buildings generated dynamically from OpenStreetMap building data. Buildings are currently available for the Nordics, expanding globally throughout the year.

“Later this year Agency9 will add large scale paid 3D premium content on a region, national, and continental basis. This further supports market adoption with easy access to 3D data and services.”continues Mr. Engman

CityPlanner is available as a subscription service with the new global data included at price plans starting at €220/month. In the ENTERPRISE plan, customers can expand the number of users and capacity to suit organisational needs, as well as use their own 3D data of any size – including highly detailed textured 3D city models. CityPlanner is available as a free 30-day trial, which includes the free global 3D data.

About CityPlanner 

CityPlanner is a 3D visualisation tool for planners, communicators, and project managers to easily create interactive 3D presentations and dialogues to be shared with colleagues, stakeholders, and the public. Projects can easily be published to the web or interactive touch screens for exhibition and showrooms. CityPlanner is a competent planning solution for the Smart City. For more information on CityPlanner, visit

About Agency9

Agency9 is a leading provider of software for online 3D visualisation of geographic information and maps for collaboration and communication. For more information, visit

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