ActCAD 2020 v92260 Released

ActCAD 2020 v92260 Released
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REDMOND, WA, USA, Nov 11, 2019 – ActCAD announces the release of new version 92260 for below-mentioned products:

  1. ActCAD 2020 BIM – 64bit
  2. ActCAD 2020 Professional – 64bit
  3. ActCAD 2020 Professional – 32bit
  4. ActCAD 2020 Standard – 64bit
  5. ActCAD 2020 Standard – 32bit

It is an important release with a few important improvements and bug fixes. Below are brief details about the improvements:

  1. Improved Licensing Mechanism
  2. Fixed some execution issues of PDF2DXF command in BIM
  3. Several improvements to User Interface, menus, and icons
  4. Added few more options to Right-Click Menu
  5. Fixed the hover and highlight issues of entity snap settings on Ribbon tab
  6. Total redesign of BIM module icons and colors
  7. BIM commands moved to 3D modeling workspace
  8. BIM pane added and fixed issues
  9. Drawings Settings command fixed in CUI
  10. Added STEP/IGES export options to Output menu
  11. Fixed the issue of Staircase in BIM module
  12. Fixed the issue of Pick Box Color setting and editing
  13. Fixed the issue of Cross Hair/Cursor Color settings and editing
  14. Fixed the issue of X, Y, Z axes colors in 2D model view with a provision to change default white colors
  15. Fixed the issues of TABLE grips and snap points
  16. Fixed the crash issue while writing some text in MTEXT
  17. Fixed the MTEXT style changing wrong properties
  18. Fixed UI programs and Crash issue on Menu creation
  19. Fixed some exception in BCLOSE command
  20. Fixed some issues while handling Fonts
  21. Updated Grip points manager to fix visibility issues
  22. Support of XREF files for Revit models
  23. Fixed the icon of Selection Cycling
  24. Fixed the issue of Start Page with checkbox setting
  25. Fixed the issue of getting Printer Device defaults
  26. Fixed the issue of SELFILTER remains open on restart
  27. Fixed the issue of Crash with FILTER dialog
  28. Fixed the crash issue of setting paper margins using Dev mode
  29. Fixed the MTEXT partial-string missing with period(.) character
  30. Fixed the issue of ARX compatibility program
  31. Fixed incorrect planar view of AEC entities creation
  32. Fixed the issue of Ctrl+A if some entities are preselected


New versions are available for download from the Download Page. Existing 2020 users can use CheckForUpdates command to apply the latest patch automatically over the internet.

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