A Conversation With Dr.Johannes Will, Managing Director Dynardo (optiSLang) on Robust Design Optimization

A Conversation With Dr.Johannes Will, Managing Director Dynardo (optiSLang) on Robust Design Optimization

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure. I have been in the CAD industry for 20 years now, Early in my career I spent few years at CADFEM GmbH, worked as a project manager in structural mechanics and software development right out of college with my Civil Engineering degree. I did PhD in Finite Element Methods based structural mechanic from Bauhaus University Weimar in 1998. After working in research, software development and consulting. 15 years back I was seeing some interest in Automotive industry in Germany towards the implementation of robustness and optimization. They revived commercially available codes, but the functionality of that code was not sufficient. Then I started DYNARDO GmbH working together with the University partner which helped us to develop a commercial code based on leading edge algorithms in the scientific arena.

DYNARDO GmbH is median kind of company so we joined ANSYS to bring together our software solution to worldwide markets.

What are the products offered by DYNARDO GmbH?

Our product is optiSLang – it is a general product for variational analysis using virtual design points, measurements or mix of it. In future Companies’ would do much more variation in virtual world to check performance of their design, would go for sensitivity analysis, multidisciplinary optimization, robustness evaluation and reliability analysis. Our software simplify CAE-based testing and verification for the designers and engineers. The Companies would prefer for simulation, much more frequently to get prepare for the unforeseen situations, robustness evaluation. optiSLanggives users the ability to virtually assess dozens of designs before deciding on a single successful design to prototype and test. It sets the pace for engineering innovation!

Can we integrate optiSLang with ANSYS?

Yes, optiSLang is tightly coupled with ANSYS products. But at the same time it’s a general product and can be coupled with any process. It could be CAE process or excel sheet or could be just any experiment. Architecture of software is such that it can be coupled with various tools. It’s a general purpose solution and can be used in various sectors. optiSLang is widely used in Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Goods and Bio-medical sectors. It can be used in industries where the virtual prototyping is used to verify design.

optiSLang allows a systematic parametric variation study of all relevant independent variables and thus offers a comprehensive understanding of the physical relationships of all parameters. The resulting sensitivities accelerate optimization and support reliability, Design for Six Sigma, and the comparison between simulation and test. Among the typical application scenarios, in addition to product improvement, is the determination of parameters for numerical models such as material, friction, or damping, and cost-effective Including Variations in the Game characteristic diagrams for non-linear components. The universal application, for both simple and complex tasks, the high-quality algorithms, and quick turnaround efficiency, all coupled with robust operation make optiSLang a valuable tool for engineers.


How you relate cost and robustness in product development, how can it be balanced?

After you have a tool in place,  that would quantify robustness virtually.  Companies would always like to connect that with the cost of the product. When you target the most robust product it would be more expensive. So you have to always balance between robustness and quality. With robust designs, the number of product recalls and repairs drops drastically – resulting in major savings and a better market reputation.

Robust Design focuses on improving the fundamental function of the product or process, thus facilitating flexible designs and concurrent engineering. Indeed, it is the most powerful method available to reduce product cost, improve quality, and simultaneously reduce development interval.With Robust Design, a company can rapidly achieve the full technological potential of their design ideas and achieve higher profits.

What are the latest trends and applications in engineering simulation?

The trends, I see is doing the design variations forecasts to know how to optimize design and how design behaves.  I see the future in digital twins, take an example of a fighter plane turbine. In future the parts like turbine will be connected to their digital twin with incoming signals from the flight turbine to do predictive maintenance. Simulation would be used not only to design optimized turbine parts but will also have a digital representation. Digital twin would be used to feed the information with IoT to use digital twin for optimal operations and predictive maintenance.  Our Software is ready to serve digital twins and to connect product with simulation designed product with the product in use.

Autonomous drives in my words is also a piece of digital twin, because systems of autonomous drives need to know that how car is reacting in driving situations. What is right way to get ride outcome. Autonomous drive needs very precise digital twin of a car. Digital twin would be part of complex industrial products to optimize the performance and maintenance activity.


Does optiSLang support other CAE products?

Yes, we do not discriminate any other CAE vendor, because in companies not all the processes are on single CAE tool. Let us see the cost process it can be on excel. In complex product development lot of tools are used. We selected ANSYS as it’s widely used. It has most advanced parametric modeling environment, supports multiphysics and proves to be an ideal platform. It is also easy to use and easy to integrate with optiSLang. But, we are open system and support other CAE products.


How important is India as a growth market for you?

Since 2010, we have our partner CADFEM representing us in India. There are large numbers of German companies in India; our German customers are also having their plants in India are using our products here. India offers tremendous potential for innovative product development and Dynardo’s global experience can be leveraged.  Dynardo’s focus in India is to deliver solutions that allow its clients to rapidly experiment with their ideas by evaluating options and trade-offs in near-real time. NowIndia is our second biggest market after Germany. We also work with ANSYS to bring our technology to Indian market. India is off-shoring market for engineering services; India possesses some formidable strength as a potential powerhouse of engineering services. Thanks to our customers, we have established ourselves in the Indian market successfully.


I would like to thank Dr. Johannes Will MD Dynardo for taking the time to answer my questions. If you have any questions for them or for DailyCADCAM, please leave a comment below or mail me on sachin@dailycadcam.com and we will be glad to answer.

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