3D Systems’ Gentle Giant Studios Launches Juggernaut Mobile Studios for Entertainment Industry

3D Systems’ Gentle Giant Studios Launches Juggernaut Mobile Studios for Entertainment Industry
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ROCK HILL, SC, USA, Nov 13, 2018 - 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) Gentle Giant Studios, the industry’s global leader in photogrammetry for more than 20 years, announced the launch of two state-of-the-art mobile studios – Juggernaut I and Juggernaut II – that eliminate the need to transport and set up equipment, saving production companies time and money without sacrificing quality.

The mobile studios facilitate full-frame photogrammetry and are equipped with a proprietary triggering system for the cameras and lights that provides nearly 100% likeness to enable rapid design capture of CGI Digital Doubles, wardrobe and props on location. The Juggernaut system takes only 2 hours to set up compared to 2.5 days with the traditional workflow, helping to reduce scan time by 96% and data processing time by 80%.

“We have always believed the root of modern innovation lies in providing the right tools and technology to as many people as possible,” said Karl Meyer, founder, Gentle Giant Studios. “By making photogrammetry mobile, we’ve now successfully removed the limitation of geography. We bring real life into the digital realm and digital back into the physical world, across all mediums.”

The traditional photogrammetry workflow requires transporting equipment and experienced professionals to a shoot location where a temporary soundstage must be prepared or built and supplies secured – incurring substantial expense for the production company. With a traditional photogrammetry workflow, setting up the equipment takes approximately 2.5 days. The Juggernaut only takes two hours to place and level.

Each Juggernaut unit incorporates its own combination of lenses and cameras as well as a clever Broncolor lighting solution; one mobile studio is kitted out with the highest end Canon Cameras and the other with the equivalent Nikon Cameras. The mobile scanning units each include 150 to 200 cameras which yield raw body scans as dense as 100,000,000+ polygons. This is essential for Facial Action Coding System (FACS) sessions that capture individual facial expressions used to create photo-real people and animals. Juggernaut is also equipped with a proprietary Gentle Giant Studios camera and light triggering system that captures simultaneous cross-polarized and specular textures providing nearly 100% photorealism.

Gentle Giant’s Juggernaut Mobile Studios have already delivered results during the production of a number of major films. “I’ve worked with 3D Systems’ Gentle Giant Studios for many years and across many films including the Harry Potter franchise and most recently on Star Wars, Wonder Woman and Men in Black,” said Pierre Bohanna, an independent costume FX designer. “Their new Juggernaut Mobile Studio is mind-bogglingly clever and cutting edge! With this mobile photogrammetry solution, Gentle Giant Studios has solved a number of challenges others have not been able to overcome. The Juggernaut rocks up to stage, on location and talent, wardrobe, and props are scanned in very little time. The data acquired allows me and my team to create wardrobe and props with 100% accuracy.”

“Our team thrives on innovating with a very high bar of excellence in technology, delivery and with client relationships,” said Kim Lavery, VES, global executive producer, Gentle Giant Studios. “Releasing the Juggernauts into the world allows us to do what we love, anywhere, anytime.”

“Across the entire business, 3D Systems provides end-to-end solutions which help our customers transform their workflows, and thus their businesses to increase productivity, reduce costs, and maintain competitive advantage,” said Phil Schultz, senior vice president, general manager, on demand and plastics, 3D Systems. “The Juggernaut system is yet another example of how the experience and expertise of our team in collaboration with our customers can facilitate innovative solutions to business challenges.”

Gentle Giant Studios has been involved in the film industry for more than 20 years. The company’s most current credits include: “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” “The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle,” “Maleficent 2,” “The One and Only Ivan,” “Wonder Woman: The Flash Film,” “Men in Black,” “Spider-man: Far From Home,” “Pinocchio,” “Avatar 2,” “Triple Frontier,” “The Turning,” “Marvel TV,” “Bat Woman,” “Super Girl,” “Black Lightning,” “Doom Patrol,” and Activision | Blizzard.”

For more information on Gentle Giant Studios, please visit the website.

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